Putin set to “win” Russian “election” (wink, wink)


With pollsters predicting he will secure 66 per cent of the popular vote, Vladimir Putin is expected to win this Sunday’s presidential election in Russia following his four-year stint as prime minister. He will replace Dmitry Medvedev, whom he had hand picked to keep his seat warm while he could pretend he wasn’t president for a full term.

The election itself might be a breeze, but recent public demonstrations against Putin’s shameless comeback indicate people could mobilize in post-election protests. Putin is well aware of that. The Associated Press quoted him saying Wednesday that his opponents could be plotting to kill an opposition figure after the election just to blame it on the authorities and have an excuse to protest:

“They are looking among well-known people for a sacrificial victim,” Putin said during a televised meeting with campaign activists. “They could, I’m sorry, knock someone off and then blame the authorities.”

While Russians might be in for another four years of the same, international consensus is building around a Putin-in-decline narrative. This week, The Economist titles one of its main articles “The beginning of the end of Putin.”

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Putin set to “win” Russian “election” (wink, wink)

  1. Harper set to “win” next election [wink wink]

  2. MSM set to “Wink, Wink” report on the political processes of other nations not fully subservient to the Western hegemony.  A “win” for truthiness.  

    •  Not kowtowing to the West is legit, but must a country be lead by an autocrat to do so? Gimme a break.

      • Er, they did not even try to hide where the talking points are coming from.  So, a break will not be given.  

        •  It’s a talking point to know in advance that Putin would steal the election? Now whose got the talking points?

          • It is spin/talking point to read the lay of the land, know your opponent has got you beat, but to never the less sully his reputation in hope of future advantage.

          •  Okay let’s be clear here: you really believe Putin won this thing without any fraud? He won it fair and square?

  3. This is Vladimir Putin…I mean Elections Russia.  Your polling station has been moved to Siberia.

    • Putin… Poutine? Could the Russians have been testing their nefarious election-rigging schemes in Guelph?

  4. Putin is popular, more popular than Harper ever was or ever will be, what’s with the wink? I call bullshit and propaganda, (weak, unsupported attempt at).

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