Quebec acid attack victim in coma

Tanya St-Arnaud’s boyfriend, Nikolas Stefanatos, has been charged with aggravated assault


Tanya St-Arnaud from Longueuil, Quebec is in a coma after she was attacked with acid by her boyfriend on Sunday. Her boyfriend is set to appear in court for a bail hearing on Friday.

27-year-old Nikolas Stefanatos from Brossard was charged with aggravated assault. 29-year-old St-Arnaud has burns on her face, arms and upper body due to a household product containing acid. She has burns on 70 per cent of her body.

The victim’s brother, Maxime Gosselin, says he was camping when he received a call from his sister’s friend. The friend told him that St-Arnauld was sprayed with ketchup and mustard during a fight, then left to talk to a friend. When she returned, she was splashed with a corrosive product.

The paint on the apartment wall near the incident peeled off from being exposed to the product.

Gosselin says he knew his sister and her boyfriend had a troubled relationship. He says he hopes Stefanatos will get a tough sentence in court.




Quebec acid attack victim in coma

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  2. Such a shame. He probably will not even go to jail. My prayers are with this woman…I hope she heals and gets the support she needs and PLEASE stay away from these types…they never change.

  3. This boyfriend needs a bottle of Drano poured on his face. What a little wiener, can’t get anymore pathetic than that as a human being. Even his picture screams pathetic weasel. This dude will be having quite the stay in prison after his face was shown nationally.

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  4. An eye for an eye, I say!

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