Quebec bans the kirpan from the National Assembly

PQ says multiculturalism is not part of Quebec’s values


The Quebec provincial legislature voted unanimously on Wednesday to ban Sikhs from carrying their kirpans into the National Assembly. The Liberal government supported the motion tabled by the Parti Québécois a month after four Sikh men, who had been invited to testify in favour of the right of Muslim women to wear the hijab when receiving government services, were prevented by security from entering the government building while wearing kirpans. PQ MNA Louise Beaudoin asked Sikhs to make a “little bit of effort,” emphasizing that while multiculturalism may be a Canadian value, it is not so in Quebec. The Bloc Québécois has similarly raised the issue of the kirpan at the federal level, but there is little appetite for such a debate. Liberal MP Navdeep Bains wears a kirpan in the House of Commons, and has criticized the Bloc for raising the issue.

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Quebec bans the kirpan from the National Assembly

  1. Silly nitpicking that I think should be an operational decision made by the security bureaucracy, not a legislative house.

  2. If the security in the legislature is such that they won't allow scissors, nail clippers and other seemingly benign metal items through, then I can understand not making an exception for a kirpan on the basis of its religious status. I think security has gone overboard in this regard (and we have recently seen an acknowledgement of this by Canadian airline security), but as long as such a ban is in place, it should be uniformly applied.

    However, if the kirpan is being singled out while other similar items are allowed, then this is clearly wrong-headed and discriminatory.

    • Hey now they they are allowing tiny nail scissors and the like on airplanes are they going to let them into the legislature?

  3. Funny that Quebec cares little for multiculturalism but it's foisted on the rest of Canadians. Most would argue that as an "organic community" Quebec, by distinctive history and culture, is more cohesive than Canada. Simple to see. Yet the rest of Canada, as whole, is destined to be weakened and fragmented by the pipe dream of multi culturalism. Hell, it was Liberal politicians in the 70s and 80s who rammed multiculturalism down our throats.

  4. The Queen or any other female head of state is forced to wear a rag or whatever on their head while visiting their countries yet these neandrathals seem to think they can come here and we still have to kiss their ass. Multiculturalism is being recognized for what it is in England Germany and US. Just not in hypocrital Canuckistan. God forbid, with the unbelievably left wing media this country has to offer we will be the very last in the G20 to face reality. Multiculturalism is abreeding ground for civil war, nothing less.

    • Please go to school and pass grade 11 before you comment.

  5. To my thinking, multiculturalism has always been synonymous with tolerance. Canada is known as a place that accepting of immigrants' customs and traditions and does not expect them to abandom them when they get here. What Ms. Beaudoin is saying is that she has no tolerance for any culture but her own.

  6. The purpose of a Kirpan:
    Kirpan is a combination of two words–Kirpa+aan…'Kirpa' is mercy/compassion and "aan" refers to self-respect and dignity. It is meant to show compassion towards mankind (irrespective of religion,caste, creed, race and nationality) and to safeguard the interests of weak/helpless/meek/. By wearing the Kirpan, one declares that he is committed to the above principles of compassion and protecting the oppressed and weak (irrespective of the faith the other person belongs to). So if a Sikh sees that a Christian person is being oppressed, his/her basic human rights are being violated, then Kirpan reminds the Sikh that he should take a stand and protect the rights Christian fellow out of Compassion.

    It is not a tool to Kill people and have any after life reward since it goes against the basic tenets of Sikhism. Sikhism is a faith to promote love and brotherhood for entire humanity and to be one with the Creator.

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