Quebec City to make Olympic bid -

Quebec City to make Olympic bid

Could third time be a charm?


On Monday morning, Quebec Premier Jean Charest announced that Quebec City may bid to host a future Winter Olympics, likely in 2022 or 2026. Charest says the province will create a working group lead by Claude Rousseau, president of the Quebec Remparts junior hockey team, to study the proposal in full. If the past is any indication of what’s to come, Quebec City faces a rough road—the provincial capital failed in its bids to host the 2002 and 2010 Games.

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Quebec City to make Olympic bid

  1. All in favour of a consitutional amendment prohibiting the hosting of the Olympics on Canadian soil, for at least forever, hands up.

  2. Hello – no serious mountains

  3. Though I'm not a Quebecker, Quebec City would seem to be a logical choice for the Olympics: for one thing, unlike Calgary and Vancouver, it has a reliably cold and snowy winter …
    Canada is steadily improving as a winter olympic nation and we deserve to see the Olympics in another great Canadian city.
    Go Canada!

  4. Stupidity.

    We just hosted one. They will not win another winter Olympic vote until a few more cycles have passed. Only shot at an Olympics pre-2030 is Toronto's.