Quebec electoral officer dismisses one of Bellemare's claims -

Quebec electoral officer dismisses one of Bellemare’s claims

No evidence Liberals illegally accepted cash-stuffed envelopes


Quebec’s election chief has called off the investigation into corruption allegation made against the Charest government by former Justice Minister Marc Bellemare. After a lengthy investigation, Marcel Blanchet announced Friday there is simply no evidence to back up Bellemare’s claims the provincial Liberals in Quebec illegally accepted cash-stuffed envelopes. “[Bellemare] did not witness any collection of money that would have been in violation of the provisions of the Elections Act. Similarly, he cannot attest to, or cite concrete facts, suggesting that any violations of the act occurred,” the electoral officer said in a statement. “Therefore, no action will be taken on this issue.”

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Quebec electoral officer dismisses one of Bellemare’s claims

  1. We all know how trust worthy the Quebec provincial elections watchdog is after the 1995 referendum spoiled ballots scandal. The evidence is negated & thrown out before anyone can witness the injustice. There is no justice in Quebec. The deck was stacked against Bellemare from the beginning. If we had the public inquiry that Charest is so ardently avoiding, we may have more evidence into the depth and breadth of the corruption in the Quebec government. The laws are only for the little people, the peasant work horses, whose hard earned taxes are siphoned from the family budget to prop up the Quebec Governmental Beast. It is time to clean house and kick out the governmental con artists! They are obviously not working for the people of Quebec. Enough is enough! The arrogance of this QC government to believe that their smoke screen theatrics of justice will placate the masses and take us for fools is condescending to the tax payers. Think again, Charest…je me souviens.

  2. I find the belief in public inquiries amusingly naive. The accused person actually gets to choose the judge who will investigate him, as well as the parameters of the investigation! How many of us mere mortals would come off Scot-free in such circumstances? I personally wasn't surprised when Paul Martin was declared to be innocent of any wrong doings in the Sponsorship Inquiry by Mr. Gomery considering Mr. Martin chose Mr. Gomery for the position and all. No, the solution to corruption isn't inquiries that prove nothing, but a population wary of it and one willing to ruthlessly punish any party that partakes of it. We get the government we deserve.

  3. Not that this proves or disproves anything, but I am led to understand that "cash in envelopes" is the choice method of payment when NO EVIDENCE is the desired outcome.