Quebec government walks out of negotiations with student leaders


The Quebec government has pulled out of negotiations with student leaders, quashing hopes that renewed talks this week would lead to an end more than three months of student protests in the province.

Martine Desjardins, leader of the FEUQ student union, told the CBC that the government hadn’t considered the students’ most recent proposal, and that the government instead stuck to its offer to reduce the annual tuition hike to $219 from $254, the CBC reports.

“It’s an impasse, it’s really an impasse,” said Education Minister Michelle Courchesne, speaking with reporters in Quebec City.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, the leader of the more militant CLASSE union, has called for renewed protests over the government’s decision to walk away from the negotiating table. “The objective is to solve the crisis and to solve the crisis we need an offer that will be accepted by the general assemblies. And that is what we continously repeat to Ms. Courchesne,” Nadeau-Dubois told the Globe and Mail.

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Quebec government walks out of negotiations with student leaders

  1. Negotiation is give & take. The QC government has give but the student leader only wants to take. Maybe they were not in class for too long & do not understand the word “negotiable”.

    Why the students protestors (minority) think the majority should cave in for them is beyond a lot of people? Why they think the gov’t should look for money & gave it to them instead of social program like health care or infrastructures is beyond a lot of people too?

    • It seems that understanding the core of this conflict is beyond you as well. The population is fed-up with this corrupted government, hell this was McLean’s magazine cover title not too long ago, don,t you remember? They said that Québec is the most corrupted province and you know what? I think they were right.

      • It seems like any Anglophile outside Quebec does comprehend the situation.

        Quebec has the highest tax rates, lowest incomes and a low tuition. That is the current situation.

        Charest wants Quebec to have the highest tax rate, lowest incomes and high tuition. That will mean back to pre-1960s, were the average Quebecoir will never seat in any company boardroom. They will become third class citizens again.

        Charest wants to balance the budget, that is commendable. If he guts his mafia friends in the construction industry, that will save Quebec billions. But Charest is going after the perceived weakest group, the students. Ask him why he does not want to make sure that Construction bids are at par with the rest of Canada.

        The last failed logic, I get from Anglophile Canada is that, “Well Quebec has the lowest tuition in the country, blah blah blah,… welfare province, … blah blah blah”. This translates to “We are getting screwed in our province, you guys should get screwed too. That will not work. That is why we have provinces, that is why Quebec, according to the Harper, “A distinct nation within the nation of Canada”.

        To all Canadians, Quebec is the last stand. If Charest breaks Quebec, I can promise you that, immigrants and foreigners will fill up Canadians universities. You will never be able to compete with a guy in Asia or Africa who is not being taxed as much.

        Lastly I do not comment on news posts, I usually enjoy the smokes of the corporate media, and the screens of the ignorant.

        Good day to you all!

    • It would definitely be interesting to hear a recording of what actually transpired during the negotiation session. We’re only hearing one side here; did the students offer any concessions?

  2. aut disce aut discede
    I’d like to put a theory to the test. I’d be willing to bet, regardless of the current distractions, that if the vast majority of these students had to write their final exams right now, the vast majority of them would’nt get a passing grade. They’d fail, and fail miserably because they are mediocre students at best. I’d be willing to bet that many of them are just using the demonstrations as a convenient smoke screen to hide their own incompetency.

    • Got an idea most of these kids dont care why write an exam to be a Welfare 4 Life Loser

  3. Students need job opportunities a lot more than they need cheap tuition or no
    tuition. If we are concerned about our young people being able to start careers
    in their field, why not abolish our idiotic national policy of mass
    immigration? Mass immigration is hurting Canadian workers in all fields and
    making it especially difficult for recent graduates to find work in their
    respective fields by flooding the markets with new job seekers

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