Quebec lobbies big-box retailers to switch names to French

Best Buy to become Meilleur achat?


Big-box stores, including Home Depot and Best Buy, that do business in Quebec should prepare to come under scrutiny from the province’s agency overseeing language laws. Louise Marchand, president of the Office québécois de la langue française, told the Canadian Press that big-box retailers with English brand names are not conforming with Bill 101, which mandates that all public signs in Quebec will be in French, at least have it prominently displayed. The agency will be launching a campaign encouraging retailers to switch their brand names to French as soon as possible, as “it would be an asset for them to speak directly with [Québécois] consumers.” Marchand says the law would be applied within a “reasonable timeline.”

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Quebec lobbies big-box retailers to switch names to French

  1. Interesting how the big stores get a “reasonable timeline” to switch their names. Meanwhile, the Flowers family got told in no uncertain terms to change the name of their establishment.

    It was called “Flowers Cafe”

    Personally, I hope that Best Buy and Home Depot refuse on the basis that their signs aren’t public, but are private trade-marks. If successful that’d give a great big loophole that anybody could walk through.

    • As they say in Ontario, “Separatism has been good for Toronto.” 

      Anglophone businesses that have their corporate headquarters in Montreal will move them to other cities, like Toronto, if they haven’t already. This will hurt Quebec’s already ailing provincial economy and boost the economies in BC and Ontario. 

  2. Since the entire province of Quebec, in spite of Ms. Marchand’s self importance, is about 2% of the entire US/Canada market, they should just leave instead of saddling the rest of us with a share of the costs.  Accessible stores just over the PQ border should get them most of the market anyway.   Totally tired of this absurdly expensive poitical correctness.   Quebec – Grow up and get into the 21st century – you are in a global economy. 

  3. Trudeau’s legacy of idiocy carries on.

    • I prefer to blame Charles II for this. His reaffirmation of the position of the Church of England has really spiraled out of control in recent centuries.

  4. I’m really getting tired of all these ridiculous French language laws both in Quebec and the rest of Canada. I am currently in the process of developing a product for the North American market, but to sell it in Canada I must include information in French, which drastically raises the production cost of the product. It seems like all over the world people do not care if a product only contains English labeling, except in ignorant Quebec.

    It’s time we amend our language laws and make it current.

  5. In truth, this rerun of a rerun of a rerun no longer is worthy of a comment.

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