Quebec MNA lambasts royal visit

Khadir calls Will and Kate “parasites”



A member of Quebec’s National Assembly has decried the use of public funds in hosting Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, in the province. In an interview with the Journal de Québec, Amir Khadir, a Québec Solidaire MNA, called the royal newlyweds “parasites” whose visit to Montreal and Quebec City on July 2 and 3 is a “waste of public funds.” Anti-monarchist demonstrations are being planned by Réseau de résistance du Québécois and Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste. Monique Gagnon-Tremblay, Quebec’s Minister of Foreign Relations and Minister of La Francaphonie, has officially welcomed the royal couple on behalf of Quebec, saying the province will cover part of the visit, which is an opportunity for the province to showcase itself to the international press.


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Quebec MNA lambasts royal visit

  1. This MNA obviously lacks a basic sense of decency.  Even if one disagrees with the concept of Canada’s monarchy, using degrading insults against other human beings only reflects poorly on the speaker, and no one else.

    • Good for you -the MLA was just downright rude – not the Canadian way !!!

  2. Very poor manners for a public servant.

  3. Hang Him!! Hang this peasant for dishonoring the royal family!

  4. Quebec has been a parasite to Canada a long time now

  5. Quebec politician disapproves of British royalty — this is news?

  6. Shame on you – you are embarrasing all of us with your rudeness !!

  7. C’est lavie

    • Euhh you’re wrong.. Where are your numbers to back you up? In 2009, Quebec gave 45 billions $ to Canada in taxes. From all this money, Canada had 25 billions $ spending in Quebec. Than, we ad up 7 billions $ for the equalization and 5 billions $ for welfare and education. So now do the math: 45 billions $ – ( 25 billions $ + 7 billions $ + 5 billions $) = 8 billions $! Conclusion: despite the fact that Quebec receive 7 billions $ in equalization, if we do simple math we the money entering and exiting this province, Quebec pay 8 billions $ to the rest of Canada..

      • Bravo Sierra to you.  Figures don’t lie but liars figure, eh?

      • I would never want Quebec to leave Canada but I think you must know that all Canadian citizens pay income taxes to the Federal government and in 2010-2011, 6 provinces were deemed have-not, Quebec included.  Those six provinces got equalization payments of 14.4 billion dollars each.  Quebec has more citizens, so yes they pay more income tax as a collective.

  8. It’s so easy to do some Quebec bashing.. Those sentences are taken out of context: he just said that royalty has no reason to exist in our country and that we have to pay for a monarchy that majority of Canadians don’t want anymore! We don’t have freedom of speech anymore?

    • Freedom of speech?  In Canada?  You’ve got to be kidding!

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