Quebec moves to curb drunk-driving -

Quebec moves to curb drunk-driving

Legal blood-alcohol limit to be reduced to 0.05 per cent


Quebeckers will soon facetougher restrictions on how much they can drink before getting behind the wheel. In response to a Quebec Road Safety Task Force report released yesterday, Quebec Transport Minister Julie Boulet says the province will lower the legal blood-alcohol limit from 0.08 per cent to 0.05 per cent, bringing Quebec in line with other provinces. Those who exceed the limit will have their licenses revoked for 24 hours, but won’t face fines or lost points. Drivers under 22 won’t be allowed to have any alcohol in their systems. The announcement is timely: seven people under 25 died in car accidents over the weekend. According to Boulet, alcohol is a factor in half of fatal accidents involving drivers aged 20 and 21.


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Quebec moves to curb drunk-driving

  1. How does lowering the limit from 0.08 to 0.05 save lives?

  2. It will make it harder for people to have more then one drink if they plan on driving home. Lowering it to .05 is the equivalent ot 2 beers. They will be risking a great deal if they have more then that. Don't you Agree???

  3. The limit in Norway is 0.02% which translates for most as zero tolerance. Canada should adopt this . Yes it will create some inconvenience but it definitely will save lives and prevent catastrophic injuries.
    It would engender a mind set of no drinking and driving period which would make us a more civilized society. A society`s worth is often measured by the care it affords its minorities and innocent victims.

  4. This is a complete red herring. The real dangers are inexperience, inattention, aggressive driving, tailgating, and impatience. This is just a tax grab.

  5. maybe to save lives people should take public transit major cities where they have subway type system that prevents hundreds of accidents per year …as for drinking and driving i am sure the average man can have two drinks in an hour and drive..once you get over two you may start to get intoxicated