Quebec National Assembly forbids entry to Sikh men wearing kirpans

World Sikh Organization representatives had been scheduled to testify before a committee


Two Sikh men were turned away from Quebec’s National Assembly by security officers on Tuesday after they refused to remove their ceremonial kirpans. The men, both of whom are representatives from the World Sikh Organization, had been scheduled to testify at hearing into Bill 94,  the provincial’s governement controversial bill banning Muslim veils from government offices. According WSO official Balpreet Singh, the group had been in touch with National Assembly security regarding the kirpans ahead of their visit. Evidently, no accomodations could be found.

Montreal Gazette


Quebec National Assembly forbids entry to Sikh men wearing kirpans

  1. Quebec is the only one that does not submit to apologetic political correctness – god bless them.
    If only they could stop hating rest of Canada….

  2. The matter of wearing Kirpans was determined authoritatively by the Supreme Court. The Quebec Legislature acted in direct violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

    • Big Deal .. This is Canada.. Canadian's are not allowed to carry weapons of any kind into Government Buildings.
      Religious freedom is a way to bypass OUR laws.

      BTW .. The Kirpan CAN be worn around the neck as it is a symbol, it can be small and does not need to be a dangerous weapon .. Maybe THEY should be conforming a little while still be practicing their religious freedom.
      Why are Canadians always the one that are forced to conform with threats of racism ??

    • Wrong. If those kirpans weren't sown shut, then they didn't adhere
      to the standards the Supreme Court set forth in the Multani case.

      Go back to law school Mike! ; )

      • As the article refers to the kirpan as "secured", I see no conflict with Multani v. Commission Scolaire. Were it necessary to go farther, I would argue that the difference between an adult attending a government building and a child attending school are sufficiently different that some of the specific measures set out in that case would not apply to the current instance.

        • Right, let's take the WSO's spokesperson's or the media's
          word for the fact that the Kirpans in question were secure.

          Eitherway, a quick trip to the washroom and you have an
          armed man roaming the hallways of the Provincial Legislature.

          What the fudge is wrong with you people? My faith says I should
          carry a Glock 18 with me at all times. But don't worry, I'll be sure to
          keep the fricken safety on at all times…

          Maybe someone should explain to you the basics of public
          safety in government buildings and the trappings of modern
          day 'Canadian Multiculturalism'.

          • Well if you're going to make up facts…

  3. Enough .. The Kirpan is a religious symbol. It can be small and worn
    around the neck. With this in mind, why is it nessesary that real knives
    are worn when they are a dangerous weapon ?

    Are others in Canada allowed to carry their weapons into Government buildings, on airplanes, to the Olympics ?? NO.

    This is CANADA.. we have laws. Follow them. No one is saying that you can't express your religious rights or freedoms but you NEED to respect our Law. If a Kirpan can be worn in a way that does not threated Canadians then why carry a big knife ??

    It is time that you conform to our rules..not us conforming to yours.
    If this is unacceptable you have alternatives.. Leave.

    • The answers to your questions can be found in the relevant decision by the Supreme Court of Canada. It's well worth a read!

  4. Conform to Canada's Laws or leave! Good job Quebec.

    • You mean conform to the Canadian sense of multiculturalism? (Which was argued in Quebec under Charles Taylor's philosophical insight).

      • See my response to Mike T above. Emily is wrong. The Kirpans must be sown shut.
        Also, last I checked, the Supreme Court doesn't make laws. It says the law but it's then
        up to the 11 legislatures to make laws that conform to the Charter in the light of the SCC's
        increasingly odd interpretation of it…

        • Since your comment above (and this one) I've replied in a manner which I think resolves the issue.

        • Don't worry, I agree that those knife-thingys should be banned, I'm no fan of multiculturalism. However, there are many indicators that point to the multicultural-side of the argument.

  5. Yawn – I see the racists jumping up & down for joy. This was settled by our Supreme Court & the National Assembly flouted our constitution by sending them away.

    • Agree, but Quebec does what it wants……….

    • Wrong again.
      (See responses to Mike T and Emily above)

  6. They always claim that a Kirpan is not a weapon but I remember vividly seeing two opposing factions of Sikh men waving them at each other threateningly on the news years ago. It was a during a dispute over elections at a Sikh temple of all things. Not very holy or ceremonial if you ask me.

    • We had a stabbing with one at a nightclub here in Brampton just this year – http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/crime/article/791
      Clearly, not all kirpans are purely ceremonial. As some other posters have said, if the Sikh comunity is interested in truly fitting in here, then they should ensure their members carry truly ceremonial kirpans. The right to religious freedom ends where it jeopardizes others.

  7. I believe in reasonable accomodation, but haven't these "ceremonial" kirpans been used as a weapon during several incidents of assault?
    Sorry, but if I'm in a meeting room during a heated discussion, I don't want ANYBODY in that room carrying a weapon–ceremonial or not!

  8. Emily is correct in her comment regarding the Kirpan, but gets 2 thumbs down…Geeez, talk about unjust…….

    • LOL S'okay, I'm used to it.

  9. Struggle for racial harmony and tolerance is a long one, but SURE. In civilized Societies people do not trample the Rights of fellow humans,because The Same Dieu or God abide in all of us. I know Frencois are like that.

    Ajit Singh Sahota

    • The problem is, kirpans have been used as weapons. Given that, why should we extend our tolerance to the point where certain people are allowed to arm themselves and others aren't, on the basis of their purported religion? As a non-Sikh, I wouldn't be allowed in there with a letter opener.

      Most gun owners don't use them on their fellow citizens, but on the off chance they might, we don't allow them to carry them around. Ditto hunting knives. If purely ceremonial versions of the kirpan are available and allowed, why should we allow the public wearing of kirpans that are ceremonial only in the sense that the rest of us depend on the honour of the wearers not to use them as actual weapons?

  10. What a stoopid decision. So long as its sewn into one's garment, it's legal and safe. Québec, you lose on this one.

    • Were you there to check that it was indeed sewn shut?
      If you weren't, please keep quiet?

    • On Tuesday, the members of the World Sikh Organization of Canada were told by legislature security to leave their small, stylized daggers at the door if they wanted to enter. They refused.

      The Sikhs said that, while their own religion forbids covering women's faces, they had planned to speak out against Bill 94 anyway, in the name of tolerance for other religions.

      They had apparently been warned in advance that they might not be allowed to enter with the daggers. But the Sikhs noted that legislatures in other provinces and in Ottawa had always allowed kirpans — as had last year's Vancouver Olympic venues, despite heavy security at the Games.

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