Quebec orders lawyers back to work

Crown prosecutors striking for higher salaries


Quebec’s legislature has ordered picketing Crown prosecutors to return to work after a two-week strike brought the provincial judicial system to a standstill. The government has imposed a six per cent raise over the next five years, but the province’s 1,500 lawyers and prosecutors say their wages are 40 per cent below the national average. Four senior Crown prosecutors and 24 deputies have resigned, though the province has refused to accept their resignations. The back-to-work order passed in the legislature with a 61-50 vote on Tuesday morning.

The Globe and Mail

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Quebec orders lawyers back to work

  1. Heh. Weird thought.. if a lawyer sues the government for this decision.. is he crossing the picket line?

  2. Easier for the Government to Legislate ,rather than negotiate…to bad .

  3. .
    How do you convict prosecutors if they stay on strike?

    'Show up in court and prosecute yourself!'
    'Contempt of court!'
    'What court?'

  4. "I am here to prosecute myself your honor!" Hah! Probably in Never ever land, oh I forgot Quebec is exactly that. "As well as to plead myself NOT GUILTY your honor!". If this would not drive the judge or Quebecers to drink, then they are made of sterner stuff. Seriously, shouldn't Quebec's government welcome and celebrate their resignation? It is their chance to start anew, so to speak.

    • 'What, I'm saying I'm not guilty?'
      'Of course I am, I looked in a mirror and saw myself on the picket-line. I got youTube videos of me. Guilty as hell!'
      'Oh yeah? Malicious prosecution! I sue myself!'
      'Yeah? i won't prosecute me!

      • Soon everybody in Quebec needs counseling if not psychiatric help. This puts a new face or meaning on multiple personality disorder defence/offense.

  5. Refuse to accept their resignation? What are they gonna do, chain them to the prosecutor's bench? Quebec is an Orwellian place.

  6. $140, 000 salary is what a Chief Crown Prosecutor receives in Nova Scotia. Those of lesser positions in Quebec should not be accorded equivalent compensation. However, I do think that hiring support staff to lessen their workload is a reasonable demand.

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