Quebec refusing to destroy gun registry data -

Quebec refusing to destroy gun registry data

Provincial government wants to replace federal registry with provincial equivalent


The provincial government in Quebec says it will defy an order by Ottawa to destroy data related to the long-gun registry. Provincial Public Security Minister Robert Dutil said Wednesday the Sûreté du Québec will be told to hold onto the data it has collected over the years while the province seeks to gain control of federally-held data on Quebec gun owners. Quebec’s plan is to build a gun registry of its own to replace the federal registry the Conservatives are planning to dismantle. “We will work hard to make sure that these tools are given back to Quebec,” provincial Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Yvon Vallières said. “We helped pay for them, I don’t see why we couldn’t have them.”

The Globe and Mail

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Quebec refusing to destroy gun registry data

  1. This is illegal.  If the data was collected through a federal law, it’s simply not available to anyone who wants it, unless of course the federal law said so.  It’s remarkable how the left has no respect for the rule of law or respect for democracy when it suits them.

  2. Posturing at best, the data will be useless the next day.

  3. SCF -no it’s not illegal , its constitutional. Police are considered a provincial matter. Gun registries are provincial unless the federal government offers to run a nation wide service.
       It cost over a billion to set up so why not keep it as its only costs $14 million a year to maintain nationally and probably only a quarter of that cost for Quebec to maintain.

  4. The reason why there should be a federal gun registry is in case a gun purchased legally turns up in a crime where a gun is involved, particularly in a homicide. With a federal gun registry, it would be easier to for the provinces to work together. I have nothing against law-abiding citizens having guns, but it seems to me that we should be trying to make it as difficult as possible for criminals to commit crimes.

  5. This is as irrelevant as the province itself.