Quebec student strike leaders begin Ontario roadshow


The leaders of Quebec’s student strike began a 9-day tour of Ontario in an effort the share their methods and their message. The controversial young leader and hearthrob Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois launched the tour with a speech in Ottawa yesterday.

Sarah Jayne King, the chairwoman of the Canadian Federation of Students for Ontario (CFSO), thinks Ontario students have a thing or two to learn from the experience of their Quebec peers.

“The tour comes, I think, at an important time for Ontario students where we have a host of challenges ahead of us,” she said in Ottawa. “We have seen tuition fees increase drastically since 2006.” Ontario has the highest post-secondary fees in Canada, with the average student shelling out $6,640 in tuition every year.

The tour will also stop in Kingston, Hamilton, Windsor, Niagara, London, Guelph, Toronto and Peterborough.

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Quebec student strike leaders begin Ontario roadshow

  1. Wow a double whammy for Ontario…now we have Dutch disease and Nadeau-Dubois disease….how much more can the cadaver take.

  2. I really hope this takes off in Ontario…priorities have to change.

    • Easily said. But change to what? And think VERY carefuly before you answer — the “how do we actually implement this” is more of a [fill in the blank] than you realize! You, or anyone, should have a PhD in Logic before even attempting something like this, because the consequences, and consequences of consequences, even unto the 3rd and 4th derivative (not even taking into account the uninteded consequences, which are a REAL [fill in the blank]), are something you do NOT want to face. Ideology has little to no place in theoretical sociology, and half-baked, feel-good ideas are even worse.

      • LOL cute answer….only thing you left out was ‘meta’….and the kitchen sink.

  3. There is a legitimate calling for debate on what access to post secondary education should cost prospective students.
    There is also however a reasonable argument to be made that a personal finance course in high school should become a mandatory study.
    An absolutely horrible ignorance abound that goods and services “demand” payment to be rendered.

  4. Just what Ontario needs, indoctrinated, entitled Marxist Quebecers teaching them the tribal whine.

    • Yes I agree, that’s EXACTLY what the demoralized Ontario students need.

      • I’m glad you agree with indoctrination, entitlement, tribalism, and Marxism… Canada needs more useful idiots like you.

  5. You cant blame the students. With harper raising the retirement age, a job desert for students will be created.

    • He didn’t raise the retirement age, he raised the age at which OAS starts. By two years. And the change does not kick in for years, so it has zero effect on today’s job market. The kids will have to find some other reason to feel sorry for themselves.

  6. Do we really need more kids going into intellectually fraudulent fields like economics, psychology and sociology? The smartest of the smart should go into the hard sciences and engineering. The rest should go learn a useful skill at a technical college. I wish I would have. The toilet paper BA hangs on my wall as if in mockery of the years wasted acquiring it. Worse, my understanding of economics didn’t really start until I had discarded most of what I was taught in university. Anyone who puts faith in the social sciences – or in the Gaussian statistics used to support most social science research – should read Nassim Taleb’s The Black Swan. He brilliantly pillories entire fields of study. (Macroeconomics is a favourite target of his.) Yet these kids think we should make it easier (i.e. cheaper) for them to throw years of their lives away? They must be masochists.

    • I should add a small correction here. Microeconomics is a legitimate fields of study. Certain aspects (and only certain aspects) of international monetary and trade economics are as well. Macroeconomics is a scourge upon the human mind, and should be eradicated. The very idea that we can summarize billions of economic transactions into a series of calculus equations is just so intellectually dishonest, it never should have been allowed to take root in academia. Then again, there’s nothing particularly unique about that.

    • Sadly, they don’t appear to see much by way of anything in the /hard/ sciences. They think there’s much more to be gained by going into psychology, sociology, and the political sciences. In other words, they are what many of us used to be. When they get a little older, they’ll look back on all this and go, “We did that?” Just like we did. Human nature in action.

      • So true. Glad I am not the only one. I remember my dad telling me, “Go to trade school and you will have a job. Go to university and you’ll have eff all.” Those were his exact words.

        And I thought to myself, “What a dumb, redneck, uneducated opinion that is.” It was almost 20 years before I could admit to myself that he was right. I still have not admitted it to him. The old man knew of what he spoke. I was the dummy. He and Mom shelled out big bucks to support me through school anyway, covering not just tuition but much of my living expenses. It was not until a decade after graduation that I started earning decent money. Im doing fine now, but i would have been doing much better if I had followed his advice.

        My advice is now the same as my Dad’s. Unless you have the genius for science (the world does not need “average” scientists) get a trade. Be useful. The market for philosopher kings has been saturated for 40 years.

  7. obscurum per obscurious
    ignotium per ignotius
    ad nauseum


    Quebec student strikers begin Ontario gong show

    Much better.

  9. “Cheap is cheap”, if the fees were higher, we actually would’nt be stuck with these loosers!
    Enough embarassment as it is, stay in your province PLEASE !!! We do not want these losers littering our streets, STAY AWAY!!!!

  10. what is it with: “blaming it on the others”, always, all the time (the new norm. it seems).

    A mature person, as i was taught in SCHOOL, accepts his or her responsabilities.
    As my mom would say, ‘stop whining and pick yourself up’, who wants to listen to your temper tantrums?

  11. Students today need to learn a hard lesson — TANSTAAFL! There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. You get what you pay for, literally. But be wise in your spending, because the max amount doesn’t guarantee the best!

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