Quebec students, Charest government agree to talk -

Quebec students, Charest government agree to talk


Leaders of Quebec’s student protesters and the Liberal provincial government of Jean Charest have agreed to hold talks but the conversation won’t start until next week, the Montreal Gazette reports.

After more than 100 days of protests over a proposed tuition fee hike and a controversial law curbing demonstration rights, Education Minister Michelle Courchesne was quoted as saying: “What both sides want is to get out of the crisis. We will take the time needed to prepare, because on both sides we are very aware how serious the situation is.”

According to a report by the Canadian Press, over 2,500 people have been arrested since the protests began, which is “about to add costs and delays to an already overburdened justice system.”

From CP:

Constitutional challenges are inevitable against some of the laws used to end protests, and some people will face the prospect of a criminal record that could hang over them for years.

The end result will be more pressure on the justice system, even though authorities appear confident they can deal with the numbers.

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Quebec students, Charest government agree to talk

  1. It would have been nice to also quote a student leader, you know, just out of a moral obligation to present both sides. Where are your journalism standards when it comes to this crisis?

    The anti-Quebec-student bias of Macleans, who are also Canadians, has become sickening.

    • Their Points are shared by people all over Canada. Many University Grads who worked through Tuition costs by taking on many part-time jobs. What happens now is that these amateur anarchists will pay three years of the Tuition Increase with one fine. Bullying others to win points isnt the Canadian way either. 70% of students are NOT involved in this unrest..They simply want to finish this term. How much working or School time has been wasted on this now clouded issue.

      • Pointed shared or not by Canadians, it would only be fair journalism to present both side. Obviously, everyone share the same point when it is the only one presented.

      • @ Toronto Centrist “70% of students are NOT involved in this unrest”…I totally agree. BTW, did you know that 64% of Canadians make up phoney statistics to win an argument?

      • Never a strike from the beginnings a strike would be classified as denying tthe public a service of value. There is nothing these career vegan studies clowns do that is valuable

  2. The same Govt was applauding the Arab spring in Libya , Egypt and now in Syria has problem with unarmed students in Montreal, They got the instructions form their neighbor south of the border to support the Arab spring because they had worked hard to instigate the youth in Arab spring to provide them with weapons in Syria , Canada has no choice but follow the instructions from their lovely neighbor . Now the Montreal students and Chicago spring is a bunch of unruly thugs , Remember when you wish someone else trouble and support the thugs their, you can have the thugs of your own to deal with , it is a law of Karma. love them , glorify them and if you have the balls, reduce their tuition fees ! they are the Heroes of Canada , you must listen to them, just like you want Asad to listen to Syrian thugs who got all kinds of weapons and support from Canada.