Quebec to allow prison guards to wear headscarves

Opposition: new rules ‘completely unacceptable’


After reaching a deal that stemmed from a complaint made four years ago, the Quebec government has agreed to allow female prison guards to wear headscarves on the job, Postmedia News reports. The decision stems from an incident in 2007, when a woman quit her training to become a Quebec prison guard when she was forced to remove her hijab for safety reasons. She challenged the ban and filed a complaint with the human rights commission. The government has decided to enforce an “accommodation” instead of taking the issue all the way to the provincial human rights tribunal. The opposition remains critic of the decision, saying it is “completely unacceptable” to allow government workers to wear conspicuous religious symbols, especially in a jail where “the neutrality of the state should be obvious.” In order to comply with safety regulations, the hijab will have Velcro fasteners, and those who wish to wear it must make a formal request first.

Postmedia News

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Quebec to allow prison guards to wear headscarves

  1. I am sorry, but this is Canada and they must conform to our rules, and where are they getting all this “human rights” crap from. If they don’t like our customs and rules I would suggest they go back to where they come from!

    • we are following the rules! just need to fix up the rules

      • the day will come when a prisoner  pull the hijab over the guard’s face and beats
        her . will the guard be able to ID the assailant should she suvive the assault?

      • NO!

      • I suppose that replacing them with sharia law is the solution.
        The laws in Canada were made to be secular. If muslims or anyone else doesn’t like it they should leave.
        Canada a country open to all but it doesn’t mean that the its laws should accommodate everyone. It means that everyone is welcome to adapt themselves to the laws of Canada

    • And I would suggest that you practice a little more tolerance. The beautiful thing about Canada is that it’s a melting pot for diversity, which brings us different lifestyles and customs.

      Clearly, other countries have customs that are unacceptable here, but I really don’t think wearing a headscarf is one of them.

      • We are talking about PRISON folks.. not your mosque !!

  2. Funny how the Quebecois will bend over for Islam, but can’t seem to get along with the Anglos?

    • we are very unfortunate to have a govt like Charest who can’t feel the heat and want to please everyone for a vote. he just dont make any sense at all.

  3. May as well wear a noose around your neck in prison. A headscarf could very much be used as a weapon against guards.

  4. Those who complain about this ruling, are the sons of those who were racist against blacks in the last century and are the grand sons of those who were anti semite throughout history.
    Racism is all of over the place, it is changing color. Now the flavor is to be against muslim, the way it was against black and jews.

    How many muslim women with scarfs work in prisons in Canada ? 50 ??? how many women wear burqa in Canada 300? Why throwing hatred toward this little amount of people ?

    This “selective” democracy is hypocrisy by itself. 

  5. Awesome !!  now inmates can disguise themselves as Muslims to escape !  Welcome to Canada, The Land that Will Bend Over Backwards to Accommodate YOU! 

    • Lot of you young folk forgot that years ago women dressed very conservative, why is it now the younger generation can break the rules and walk down the street half naked? This is Canada, why should the older generation accommodate the newer generation? This great country was built on people helping one another, not from complaining about some little thing like an headscarve. If you want to complain about it in prision, go work there yourself.

      Find something constructive to do and learn about the past of this country.

  6. Neutrality… This is ridiculous… when will we put our pants on and stop accommodating foreigners. This country is becoming boring and losing its culture and appeal thanks to stupid accommodations. Come to our country… respect our culture, laws and restrictions. Else, go back from where you came from. 

    Now, we are starting to remove christmas from school and public work buildings. WHY!!!
    At least if they do this be equal… remove all hijab from public places.

    Be fair canada… Specially with your own people.

    Man I’m starting to dislike this country.

    • So if Mary the mother of Jesus came here today, you would tell her to remove her headscarf? You believe your judgement and ideas are better than hers? Extremest people don’t belong in this country, even if they are born here.

  7. Next thing you know they’ll want to sit at the front of the bus.  /obvious Swiftian satirical statement made to ridicule the first few commenters who appear to have slimed their way over from the CTV/SunNews/National Post comment boards

  8. Muslims have been here since 1867, and are as Canadian as the rest of you.

    Perhaps you folks should question a govt that encourages a ‘two minute hate’ on targets of their choosing.

  9. I love how people say that our rules mean that they shouldn”t be allowed to wear whatever the hell they want.
    No, our rules say you can wear whatever you want as long as it’s reasonable. That’s what makes us better than those crazy countries run by religious zealots. That’s what makes us so great: we will allow you to be free as long as you don’t do anything harmful.
    People who say we don’t wear that here so you shouldn’t either are no better than the religious nuts who run Iran.

  10. When Muslims approach 10% of the population, they tend to increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions.  In Paris, we’ve are already seen car-burnings.  Any non-Muslim action offends Islam and results in uprisings and threats, such as in Amsterdam, with opposition to Mohammed cartoons and films about Islam.  After reaching 20%, nations can expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings, and the burnings of Christian churches and Jewish synagogues. And so on. Canada has 1.9% muslim population.
    I’m tired of being told that out of “tolerance for other cultures” we must accomodate everybody.  But I’m also glad to be old… Because, mostly, I’m not going to have to see the world these people are making. I’m just sorry for my grandchildren and their children.

  11. When she gets hurt at the prison because some prisoner uses her headscarf against her is she going to expect to be paid by WSIB???????????????

  12. Welcome to Canada where the minority are now the majority and the majority the minority.

    This politically correct way of thinking which has permeated every aspect of our lives has got to stop.

    Simply put this is not a violation of human rights, but rather the right of an employer to regulate what a prison guard should not wear in an environment which could be used to strangle the guard?

    Its just common sense, and that’s where it should have stopped instead of wasting resources on something so trivial and then trumpeting it as a human rights issue.

    And in comparison there is no difference from a fireman wanting to wear a turban, he can’t because it comes down to an issue of safety.

    The Human Rights Commission has become a power unto itself, and are nothing more than thought police wherein your rights will come under review for daring to speak up and voice your opinion.

    Check your religions at the door please, keep it at home, and if you can’t assimilate for the benefit of everyone in Canada, well you are free to leave.

  13. I can understand the concern for safety reasons however, although I am very much against it, we allow the RCMP to wearlong braids if the officer is native or a Shikh to wear a turban etc. etc. I don’t think the religiuous neutrality of the state arguement will fly, but I think it should.

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