Quebec to shut down Jewish school

Curriculum deemed too religious


A private Jewish school in Montreal could be on the verge of losing its long-simmering battle with Quebec authorities who say teachings at the Académie Yeshiva Toras Moshe don’t meet with provincial standards. The ministry of education had been pressing the school to offer a curiculum less focused on religion but, with talks at an impasse, it has now obtained an injunction to shut down Yeshiva Toras Moshe. The case is set to go to court in October and school official say they plan to fight the order.

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Quebec to shut down Jewish school

  1. This is clearly an extremely bizarre, exceptional situation. Perhaps the hours children attend classes are limited, but I can't imagine any rational, reasonable justification for the corporation to refuse to teach the provincial curriculum. That seems a very small compromise, the minimum required of any school in any nation, and a pigheaded rejection of any possible common sense make the school appear very petty, mean-spirited, and spiteful. A person can only shake his head in wonder at such blockheaded fools.

  2. AND SO IT BEGINS AGAIN IN EARNEST. This Time though it's: First they came for the English…. Then they came for the Jews… Welcome to the NEW PURE Quebec. And You my friends … YOUR TAX DOLLARS are Paying for it. In Canada and in case you didn't know… 69% of Quebec's total revenue comes from the greater Montreal Area… where the absolute Majority always has been and still IS: English Speaking (Anglos & Allos).

    How's that for Irony. We FUND the Quebec government to WIPE US OUT! and HAVE been doing it for over 30 years!! They must be laughing their heads off! Hell, even Hitler didn't get THAT lucky!

  3. We could save Billons of dollars and a lot of trouble if we just handed Quebec it's head on a plate! GO!….we don't want you here!!

  4. Take it easy guys. If in fact the school is too focused on religion, then Quebec, a steadfast secular government that financially supports the schools, has every right to take steps if justified. If it were a madrass(Muslim religious brainwashing terrorist training type school), I would want it closed down, would not you?

    I do, however, agree with your take on Quebec's efforts to be total pain in the ass regarding language issues, signs and that f ' ing language police state mentality.

    • What about separation of church and state. It seems that only applies when it's convenient for the state, sounds like the state is interfering with freedom of religion.

      Also a “Muslim religious brainwashing terrorist training type school” would be illegal by law. Considering terrorism is illegal. I doubt that the Jewish private school is teaching anything illegal, so, stupid example.

      • There is no such thing as separation of church and state in Canada- it was never part of our so called constitution. And daily less so in the U.S. thanks to the born again lunatics. We have religiously based, publicly funded education in Ontario- the separate schools. Any group of fanatics that set themselves up as a religion and cover the other basics can get the go ahead to indoctrinate children, in homophobia, creation myth nonsense, people coming back from the dead, heavens, hells, forty virgins, jihad, genitle mutilation of little children, blue gods sitting on lotus pads, ritual slaughter of animals, sacrifice, belief that they are the chosen people, misogony, stoning, eye for an eye, you name it- beliefs any reasonably intyelligent 8 year old would be embarrassed to contemplate.

        Add to it all, we have a fundamentalist christian prime minister and his crew like Stockwell day who actually believe dinosaurs walked with humans, the earth is 6000 years old, and their so called saviour is soon returning to nuclear annialate the unbelievers, convert the jews and burn the wicked gays in hell forevermore. What a bunch of nutbars.

      • Well Charley, I was being facetious with the "Muslim religious brainwashing terrorist training type school" as I am positive there are no such schools receiving government financing. However as Bill Desmond said, there are plenty of opportunity to teach this kind of hate and that is happening now and in Canada.

    • You might be right if the school would be funded by the government then they might have some kind of word what they should learn there but the truth is that they are not taking a penny from the government, and they have never been. As such I very truly believe that the Quebec government has no right what so ever to say a boo about what they are learning, as long as they don't teach there to destroy the government or hurt people.

      • Ah so, Montrealguy, you say they are not funded by the government. This would imply a heavily religious focus at the expense of math and sciences along with Canadian history so if that is the case, I would have a problem with such a school. All children should get the basic secular education in language, math, sciences and history.

  5. Before we all point fingers, please consider the curriculum of the yeshiva.
    Are there minimum standards set by the local government that are not met
    by the school? Or is there some other reason that causes this problem to
    We here in Wellington, NZ have a Hebrew Day School supported by the state
    which considers Moriah College a school with special character for teaching
    an ethnic population. As part of our school projects, we are collecting 1,500,000
    million buttons as a learning lesson for the greater Wellington community.
    Please visit /www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7l2IgxA6CU to see an outstanding
    lesson on the Shoa.

  6. I dunno about any of that, but considering that the average fwench tard can't speak English, and that they only speak a bastidized version of fwench – they are in no position to criticize the way others teach their children.

    But maybe it's a step in the right direction. After we shut down schools taught by the eeeeevil joooooos….maybe we can shut down schools for being too fwench.

  7. "Religious education" is an oxymoron. It's not education. It's indoctrination in superstition, myth, and lies that should make any sane person cringe and any one past the age of believing in santa laugh out loud . Its the reason for the hatred and the wars and the tribalism and the misogony and the mutilation of childrens genitles, systematic torture with inquisitions, the bigotry and the institutionalized covered up rape of children, anti-science beliefs and everything else that holds back the progress of the human race.

    Shut them all down. All of it- islamic, Christian, Jewish, Sikh, Hindu- all of it. Relegate it all to the study of religion as no more relevant to sane society than the Greek myths or Poseidon. "This is what our primitive unknowing ancestors believed- isn't it quaint? Too bad they butchered millions in its name before we came to our senses."

    Well done Quebec- now start on the Catholic superstitions so endemic in your culture and education system.

  8. Hmmm. really not enought information to draw a conclusion, except that everybody seems to want it to mean what they think it means and that they have special knowledge of the circumstances. Let's step back, take a deep breath and wait for the story to develop.

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