Quebecor VP reportedly offered CRTC post -

Quebecor VP reportedly offered CRTC post

Luc Lavoie said to have declined appointment as vice-chairman of the broadcast regulator


According to the outgoing vice-chairman of the CRTC, Quebecor vice-president Luc Lavoie has been offered the job as his replacement. Michel Arpin served as vice-chairman of the broadcast regulator from 2005 until 10 days ago, when his term ended. Arpin says Lavoie was approached to replace him a few months ago. The former spokesman for Brian Mulroney declined the offer, saying he won’t settle for less than the chairman’s job, which isn’t set to become available until 2012. Lavoie’s appointment would be a controversial one, given his close ties to Quebecor president Pierre Karl Péladeau, who is currently trying to secure a special broadcasting license for Sun TV News. Arpin had applied to have his post renewed earlier this year and admits being “disappointed” when the government chose to turn down his request.

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Quebecor VP reportedly offered CRTC post

  1. Oh I'm sure the PMO can make something persuade Finkelstein to leave a little early and Luc can move into the position.

    Sickening partisan ideological crap.

  2. Stephen Harper = Maurice Duplessis redux (at the federal level)

  3. Wow. It's like they just don't care, even about the optics, anymore.

    • They don't care because they have been allowed to get away with it : for goodness sakes someone force an election and let's get rid of these people.

  4. Huh. And I thought we (the people) still owned Canada. I don't remember selling my share to Peladeau, but he obviously owns us now.

  5. Frankly, I'll be waiting to hear this out of a more credible source.