Quebec’s religious vote (no, really!)


Surprising fact number one: Quebec has a sizable voting bloc consisting of regular church going folk. Who knew?

Surprising fact number two: Despite its overtures, most of this vote has remained out of the hands of the Conservatives.

Surprising fact number three? That voting bloc is and has long been the domain of a party headed up by a pro-choice, left-wing former Communist who has often decried the church’s meddling in state affairs.

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“Quebec is the only place religion has cropped up as an issue in the campaign,” says this Maclean’s article written, not coincidentally, by two Goddamned Englishmen

“Notions to the contrary aside, religion is alive, well, and politically active in Quebec. Even stranger: despite the Conservatives’ family-oriented platform designed to attract churchgoing folk, it’s the Bloc Québécois — a left-wing party whose leader is a former Communist and avowed pro-choice atheist who often rails against the Church’s encroachment in public affairs — that does surprisingly well with the faithful.

“In 2000, Université de Montréal professor Christophe Talin concluded, roughly 50 per cent of Quebec’s practising Catholics voted for the Bloc. Though much has changed in eight years, notably the formation of the Conservative party and its recognition of la nation Québécoise, that support has remained relatively stable.”


Quebec’s religious vote (no, really!)

  1. Simply, catholics are not like the evangelicals that support the CPC.


  2. Remember, jesus was a socialist.

  3. If Stephen Harper blames his next minority on “poverty and the religious vote”, I might just start supporting him again if only out of admiration for his suicidal tendancies.

  4. QCQJAF?

  5. That’s short for “Qu’est-ce que Jésus aurait fait?” or “What would Jesus have done?”

    I guess another way would be JQFI – Jésus, que ferait-il?

  6. Doesn’t it say something about Jesus bitch-slapping 14 year olds somewhere?

    Oh. My bad.


  7. The catholic bible says “peace on earth to men of good will.” The St James version of the bible says “peace on earth and good will toward men.”

    I got this from http://www.catholictradition.org/Children/men-goodwill.htm :

    “This makes all the difference in the world, do you not agree? For how can there be real peace among men who are not of good will? This is not to say we wish vengeance, for that alone belongs to God, only that we do not wish them felicity to advance in their evil-doing, and that it matters what we believe and what we do and why we do it.”


  8. Real sorry for the double post. Not intentional.

  9. That’s what Thomas said.

  10. Is that boobs the cat?

  11. Does this actually surprise you?

    Perhaps you should leave Ml on occasion, or travel north of Québec.
    Catholicism is still dominant in these parts.
    As, for that matter, is separatism.

  12. In the U.S. and a good chunk of the ROC the Catholic vote has been moving from the liberalism to conservatism. Pretty much completely in the U.S.

    I imagine with some work the CPC could appeal to these people.

  13. C’est pas vraiment surprenant, le clergé catholique a eu une influence certaine dans la fondation d’une identité nationale Québécoise et le Bloc est le mieux placé pour recolter des bénéfices de cette époque.

    De plus, Duceppe, en tant qu’athé pro choix est l’homme politique fédéral qui se rapproche le plus des valeurs québécoises. Cet homme est un monument à la révolution tranquille.

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