Quebec’s shipbuilding loss straightjackets NDP chief -

Quebec’s shipbuilding loss straightjackets NDP chief

Bid outcome makes it hard to balance role between national party and regional champion


A ship for every shipyard, a contract in every port. So goes the dream of Nycole Turmel, interim NDP leader and newly minted personification of her party’s awkward tiptoe between national party and regional champion. On Wednesday, Canadian bureaucrats dolled out $33 billion in shipbuilding contracts to yards in B.C. and  Nova Scotia. Halifax’s Irving Shipbuilding got the larger share of the cash, $25 billion to build combat vessels. B.C. secured the rest for less martial ships. Left out of the bounty was Quebec, home to 59 New Democrat MPs, including Turmel  herself. “This is great news for Nova Scotia and British Columbia, and I congratulate them wholeheartedly,” Turmel said, according to the Globe and Mail. Good news, but not great. “Canada has the longest coastline in the world,” she continued, “making shipbuilding a critical strategic industry in all corners of this country. This government announcement leaves our Quebec-area shipbuilding in a more fragile position. The Conservatives have to do much more to ensure that Quebec shipbuilding capacity remains stable and that long-term skilled jobs are created.”  “I’m glad you won,” she seemed to say the other provinces. “But can’t we all play a game where nobody loses.” Meanwhile, one New Brunswick economist says his province also stands to gain from Nova Scotia’s win—to the tune of $25 billion over 30 years—and William Watson, in the National Post, wonders why we the tender for the ships wasn’t opened to foreign firms.

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Quebec’s shipbuilding loss straightjackets NDP chief

  1. Mr.Watson maybe we have to look after our own for a change.

  2. Did the Quebec shipyard at least get a participant ribbon? I hate it when anyone walks away empty-handed.

    • Don’t losers get pizza too?

  3. Apparently if the NDP had their way there wouldn’t have been a winner, just a nation of losers, like a little league ‘championship’ were no one keeps score and everyone ‘wins’ an insignificant trophy.

    It’s sad that merit appears to be a concept only Conservatives recognize and understand.

  4. It’s amusing that the same people who complain about the United States’ “Buy American Act” refuse to consider allowing non-Canadian vendors the chance to participate in our ship building efforts.

    A truly open market means just as Canadians could compete for American business opportunities, non-Canadians could compete for Canadian ones.

    • An American company did compete and won 2nd place… Seaspan Marine Corporation is owned by Americans. This was reflected in the company’s name, Washington Marine Group, until it was renamed Seaspan earlier this year.

      Also, Davie Yards is partially owned by Daewoo a South Korean Firm.

      Irving Shipyards, who placed 1st, were incidentily the only bid that is under full Canadian ownership.

  5. William Watson:  “Why couldn’t these ships be built in China by indentured servants?  We’d save money!”

  6. Mr. Watson is a dreamer and that is why he its employed at the NP.

  7. I like the way the government went about awarding these contracts.  Never forget the F18 maintenance contract that moved from Winnipeg to Quebec on the basis of , hmmm,  lets see, it wasn’t lowest cost,  hmmmm, it wasn’t buy Canadian,  hmmmm,  what was it?