Queen Elizabeth visits her grandson, Will and Kate go for a drive

An update on the three-day-old heir


John Stillwell/Reuters/Pool

Queen Elizabeth II met her first great-grandchild, the son of Prince William and Kate, duchess of Cambridge, on Wednesday.

Reports say the Queen visited the couple and the yet-unnamed son at Kensington Palace, where William and Kate are now living after leaving the hospital the day before.

She reportedly arrived in a dark-green Bentley around 11 a.m. local time and stayed for about half an hour. Though Prince William reportedly called his grandmother with news of the baby’s birth on Monday afternoon, this is the first time she has seen the baby.

The palace also confirmed that Prince Harry visited his nephew, but no one seems to have seen him come or go. (Capt. Wales, however, is a trained Apache helicopter pilot. Maybe he flew in as grandma was distracting media in her Bentley.)

The couple, with baby in tow, also drove somewhere in a black Range Rover Wednesday afternoon, according to London Daily Express royal reporter Richard Palmer, and pretty much every other media outlet camped outside the palace. Just where were the royal couple going? There is no word from Kensington Palace, but they did not appear to turn towards Kate’s parent’s home in Bucklebury, Palmer reports.

Wait, no, they are at Bucklebury according to The Telegraph live blog. Or at least they appear to be. It looks like grandparents Carole and Michael Middleton will get another visit with the baby Wednesday.

And, for anyone who wants every last breathless detail of third-in-line to the throne’s third day on Earth, The Telegraph is on it. So is Sky News.

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Queen Elizabeth visits her grandson, Will and Kate go for a drive

  1. Imagine if certain members of the royal family were working musicians, gynaecologists, disabled, or all three. Imagine Prince(ss) XXX with the bad eye and the bung leg up to a bit more medical research before he/she loads up the ragged old van with keyboards and big black boxes, and drives away to do a gig with the sorts of anonymous suburbanites who play in bands (and might even be stoned).
    If I was in a band with such a royal personage I would take a certain quiet pleasure in obstructing the paparazzi in their frenzied attempts to photograph the Prince(ss) tuning up, plugging things in, getting amps out of the van, or sitting in front of a beer.
    Bring on the fake royalty!

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