Question for francophone hockey fans -

Question for francophone hockey fans


What’s the french translation of “puck bunny”? This came up during a game last week. The best I could think of was “lapinette de rondelle,” which clearly isn’t right.

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Question for francophone hockey fans

  1. ville de vélo?

  2. guidoune sur glace?

  3. "plotte à pock" (pock cunt)

  4. This non-hockey fan francophone thinks we worry more about our hockey moves than our hockey terms.

  5. *Disclaimer* Very vulgar term coming:

    Plotte à puck.

    • this is the one i am familiar with. and yup a tad vulgar.

  6. something-that-rhymes-with-Putin de palet?

  7. Earmuffs, children…

    I've heard my francophone friends use "plotte rondelle."

    • I've heard that too, and it's obviously a simple litteral translation.

      I do like "suceuse de poque". Has a nice ring to it. But I think it's a bit harsher than the original Puck Bunny…

      • Maybe a little…

  8. I think the real term, as mentioned above, is "plotte à puck"

  9. No idea what is currently used. Bunny doesn't translate and we need alliteration.

    "cul de casque" might work. Cul is not that bad in french a la "rad de cul".

  10. typo: "ras-de-cul"

  11. OK, I will bite, with a question for ANGLOPHONE fans, and I actually thought I was one, sort of:

    What is the definition of "puck bunny"? In English?

  12. En effet, Andrew, la seule traduction valable est "plotte à puck".

  13. Yes, "Plotte à puck" is the correction expression… but you don't want to write that in your column.