Question from orbit: Where is spring?


Question from orbit: Where is spring?

The latest photos from @Cmdr_Hadfield — ‘still very snowy in early spring’

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Belle Isle, Newfoundland – natural icebreaker at the mouth of the Strait. pic.twitter.com/FnQGZtnjRCChris Hadfield
Looking across Nova Scotia, how many places do you recognize? The birthplace of hockey, for one! pic.twitter.com/I12eAv2PMlChris Hadfield
Moose Jaw, SK, and the airport where I truly learned how to fly. Home of the renowned RCAF Snowbirds aerobatic team. pic.twitter.com/fH6EmwedDbChris Hadfield
Baddeck, Cape Breton, where Alexander Graham Bell first flew a powered aircraft in Canada in 1909, from the ice. pic.twitter.com/blzIWroJT8Chris Hadfield
Winnipeg, Manitoba, incredibly clear. The river floodway diversion looks smart from space. pic.twitter.com/OuGc9Bsy5MChris Hadfield
Tonight’s Finale: Ottawa, the capital of Canada, still very snowy in early Spring. pic.twitter.com/MvO01NuvBlChris Hadfield

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