Questions abound for friends of B.C. couple accused in terror plot


VANCOUVER – Questions abound among those who knew a B.C. man and woman who are accused of a home-grown terror plot that would have turned Canada Day into chaos in Victoria.

RCMP say John Nuttall and Amanda Korody planned to detonate home-made bombs at the provincial legislature on July 1 — a plan police say was inspired by the al-Qaida terrorist group.

Now those who knew the pair want to know how they went so quickly from recovering drug addicts looking to start their lives over to so-called “self-radicalized” domestic terrorists.

Stefano Pasta, a teenage friend of Nuttall’s, says he can’t believe the guitar-playing outsider could be the mastermind behind the plot.

Pasta says Nuttall was a fiercely loyal friend and a social outcast, but a simple guy.

Thirty-eight-year-old Nuttall and 29-year-old Korody were arrested Monday and will return to court in Surrey, B.C., on July 9, to face terror-related charges.

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Questions abound for friends of B.C. couple accused in terror plot

  1. We can rest assured that Trudeau the younger will be looking for the root causes and wanting to blame society as he did with the Boston Bombers.


    RCMP mentioned al Qaeda.

    Is that something to do with islam?

    That was easy to solve.

  2. Pleas stop pretending a couple of junkies should be taken seriously.

    Some people are frightened of their own shadow…..

  3. Sounded like these two had too much time on their hands

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