Questions remain over Gadhafi’s bloody death -

Questions remain over Gadhafi’s bloody death

Deceased dictator’s wife calls for UN investigation


As Libyans continue to celebrate ousted dictator Moammar Gadhafi’s bloody demise, questions remain about the circumstances of his death. According to the official version of events out of Tripoli, the Colonel was killed by crossfire during fighting. That clearly contradicts video and photographic evidence that went viral on the Web on Thursday. In one video, the former leader is pulled from a truck and pushed around in a crowd of government fighters. In another, he allegedly appears dead, with blood pouring from his head staining his khaki uniform. According to the New York Times, forensic experts said the wounds in his head were consistent with an execution-style, close range shooting. A fighter on the scene told Al Jazeera that the former dictator fled an intercepted convoy and dove into a drainage pipe, soon emerging to beg for mercy. The fighter said Gadhafi carried a golden pistol in one hand and a Kalashnikov rifle in the other. A Syrian television station reported Friday that Gadhafi’s wife is calling for a UN inquiry into the circumstances of her husband’s death.

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Questions remain over Gadhafi’s bloody death

  1. Justice was administered appropriately and  in a timely manner. Where’s the problem?

  2. Don’t buy what they are saying about coming his coming out with a gun and a rifle.  He was probably dragged out and after smacking him around for a bit he was shot point blank.  Seeing his body being gawked at by the curious is pretty gross.  But I understand that is what is done in that part of the world.   

  3. Will Gadhafi’s wife also call for inquiries into every one of the deaths ordered by Gadhafi during his rein of terror… this is the equivalent of Eva Braun calling for an inquiry into the death of Hitler…

    • True, and of course it was fairly impossible that someone in that “mob” of rebel soldiers wasn’t going to claim hero status or something, but if you believe in the rule of law you need to believe in the rule of law for all.  Just because Gadhafi didn’t, doesn’t mean you sink to his level.