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Arnold Kling isn’t referring specifically to Quebec, but he might as well be:

The problem with physical secession is that it is very difficult to achieve critical mass. There is probably not much overlap between the people you want to live with and the people who want to choose your particular form of government. The vast majority of us put up with government we dislike in order to live in proximity to people with whom we want to work and play.

I can’t think of a better way to encapsulate the fundamental problem at the heart of the PQ’s mandate to be both the chief promoter of an independent Quebec as well as its natural governing party.


Quote of the day

  1. Also vice versa, the vast majority of us put up with people with whom we do not want to work and play in order to live under a government we like.

    • is it vice versa Jack…. my understandings is it is either King's way or you way, but not both at once….

  2. I notice that almost all the articles on your page are to bash or laugh at the PQ…the Liberals are in power btw…why so much energy against the opposition party?