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Quran burning cancelled

Pastor says group behind ‘Ground Zero mosque’ have agreed to relocate


Pastor Terry Jones says he’s calling off the Quran burning he’d organized for September 11 in Gainsville, Fla. He says his decision came after the group behind a planned mosque near the World Trade Center site in New York agreed not to build on the proposed site. U.S. President Barack Obama, U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and Prime Minister Stephen Harper all condemned the planned protest, saying it would put the lives of soldiers in Afghanistan in jeopardy.

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Quran burning cancelled

  1. I'll believe it when September 11 passes by without these idiots lighting a match.

    • That's the thing: according to reports I've read, the cancellation is not yet set in stone.

      Which is very, very troublesome.

  2. It sounds like another crazy preacher will do it anyway. However, since Jones has backed down at least I can finally say in good conscience that he has one hell of a moustache.

    • Some lunatic in Tennessee is apparently planning one now.

      Who wants to bet he doesn't change his mind?

  3. ……. the people from Cordoba House(the planned "Mosque" that isn't a Mosque) and it's Iman Rauf have denied this… .saying that they aren't moving it and haven't even spoken to the "preacher"……

  4. f it was international attention that Pastor Jones was looking for, he got it in spades. It's amazing how one tiny little church in a city of 125,000 people in northern Florida managed to hijack the international media for the better part of a week.


    • My original assessment was that pastor Jones was more or less exactly like these Muslim militants: dedicated to an ideology that demands these sorts of things, and thus there is nothing that could be done to placate him.

      If they're as good as their word, it seems that maybe he really WAS just trying to make a point. It's still ill-conceived, but at least not implacable.

  5. The preacher is proof Christians have lost there way. He has to be dumber than Forest Gump.

    • How dare you! Forest Gump did a lot of spectacular things for a dumb guy. I'll bet you never played ping pong in China or ran kick returns for Alabama.

  6. Even if he doesn't, there will be plenty others now that will. It's really just a matter of what's televised/internetted and what's not.

    • Yeah, like why people would voluntarily go on a national TV show to admit they've prostituted their kids or other disgusting things. For some, that urge to be famous (even if it is infamous) is overwhelming.

  7. This guy is a perfect example of the fact that extremists ruin it for everyone.

  8. I am quite surprised that the Aryian Nations haven't slithered out from underneath a rock to get on the band wagon..

  9. This is the same guy who, according to the german news magazin "Spiegel", came in 1987 from the USA to Cologne,Germany,where he started a similar church as his present one.Over the years his congregation of a few hundred became more and more disenchanted with him, and in 2007 he was run out of town under suspicion of misappropriation of donated funds. He returned to the USA and finally made the headlines, thanks to our sensation hungry news media.

    • On the plus side, maybe it is a good thing that he is in the headline's, If he was indeed run out of his last Church,maybe his new flock should be aware of his alleged bad behaviour…just a thought .

  10. In the United States of America, some people desecrate the Holy Bible and the Stars and Stripes. It is what happens in the United States of America. What is so special about the Quran?

  11. sorry… "Muslims, don't hurt any Christians" and "Christians…, be nice to the Muslims, that is, to the good ones."

    someone is SLIGHTLY biased, or else worded things pretty badly. you're undermining your own point there, bud

  12. Why do all the so called lunatic Christians like this fellow make the media world wide , but the True Christians who are on the front lines feeding the hungry, working with the poor, serving in prisons, hospitals….never get one bit of praise or a single word of media mention?

    • the whole MSM has become a fancy version of the National Inquirer…………and if they can't find some sensational "story"….well……..they create one

    • Well, because the people feeding the hungry, working with the poor, serving in prisons, hospitals etc. do get praised all the time. What maybe doesn't get praised (and maybe why you are missing it) is the RELIGION they are doing it under. I personally think missionaries should be outlawed if they won't give the aid without the sufferer converting or having to perform some religious rites or whatever–fortunately, as far as I know the vast bulk of missionaries do not require the religion to be 'paid back'.

      Do you think the praise for the people should be turned to the religion instead?

  13. In May 1933, German students from universities formerly regarded as among the finest in the world, gathered in Berlin and other German cities to burn books with "unGerman" ideas. Books by Freud, Einstein, Thomas Mann, Jack London, H.G. Wells and many others go up in flames as they give the Nazi salute.

    In 1999, the Amazing Grace Baptist Church of Canton, North Carolina, headed by pastor Marc Grizzard, intended to hold a book burning on Halloween. The church, being a King James Version-exclusive church, held all other translations of the Bible to be heretical, and also considered both the writings of Christian writers and preachers such as Billy Graham and T.D. Jakes and most musical genres to be heretical expressions. Because of outside pressures, the book burning ended up being a book tearing up.

    "Where they have burned books, they will end up burning human beings." Heinrich Heine


  14. Islam. Since you do not know how to confront it, you may as well join it.

    • Or I could just ignore it………….like any other mysoginistic(sp) religion

      • All I see is venom in the air and real blood being spilled everyday over made-up cloud-men with different names. Think larger people, this whole argument is ridiculous along with the divisions it's based on.

  15. next time you visit saudi arabia or pakistan , have a bible in your briefcase at customs and see what happens. confiscation for eventual burning i have been told

    • What's your point??……That the US and Canada should start behaving as badly as the countries they condemn??…………..what a bizarre argument

      • I think his point is to the contrary – I think tusker is pointing out that in Islamic countries where sharia-law is in effect, it is perfectly acceptable to burn any other holy or religious book . . . yet the Islamic community is out raged when a country that isn't under sharia-law burns their holy book.
        I believe tusker 11 was pointing out Islamic hypocrisy.

        • But can you fight hypocrisy with hypocrisy?

  16. yes we will no we wont yes we will no we wont yes yes yes no no no yes yes yes okay then no no no you first no you first yes no yes no

  17. Burn books. It's all going digital now.