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Qur’an burning pastor Terry Jones turned back at border


TORONTO – A controversial anti-Islamic pastor from Florida has been denied from entering Canada for an evening rally.

Event organizer Allan Einstoss says Terry Jones was turned back at the Canada-U.S. border when officials couldn’t confirm whether or not he had a criminal record in the U.S.

Jones was slated to take part in a multifaith debate on free speech in front of the Ontario legislature this evening.

Organizers had planned to have Jones square off against a Toronto imam, a Sikh community leader and Muslim author to discuss the film “Innocence of Muslims,” which has incited mass riots around the world.

Jones made international headlines two years ago when he marked the ninth anniversary of 9-11 by burning copies of the Qur’an.

Organizers say the debate is still scheduled to get underway at 6 p.m.

Einstoss lamented Jones’ absence, however, saying interference from border officials has quashed an opportunity for a meaningful discussion on free speech.

“That’s the government’s choice, that’s what they wanted,” Einstoss said. “We could have had a nice civil evening, but that’s their decision.”

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Qur’an burning pastor Terry Jones turned back at border

  1. we certainly don’t need more trouble,

  2. Two years ago Allowed into Canada:

    Speaking at the Islamic convention in Toronto:

    Dr. Abdal Hakim Murad (UK)


    “The jury that found him guilty yesterday in Federal
    District Court in Manhattan also convicted his two co-defendants, Abdul Hakim
    Murad and Wali Khan Amin Shah, on charges that they conspired to blow up
    American commercial jetliners and tried to kill Americans traveling outside the
    United States”

    Abu Ratib


    “Abu Ratib is an Islamist radical from Luton, who’s
    come into conflict with senior members of the mainstream central mosque for
    distributing leaflets about Jihad. He’s been linked to Omar Bakri Mohammed’s
    group, Al Muhajiroun, though he denies having been a member. But judging by one
    of his speeches on the internet, he believes Al Qaeda is Islamically

    Dr. Jamal Badawi (Canada)


    “Islamist bigots as Jamal Badawi, author of a
    famously-retrograde volume, The Status of Woman in Islam, which recommends that
    females be excluded from political leadership. Badawi, who taught religious
    studies and is professor emeritus at St, Mary’s University in Nova Scotia,
    Canada, has also endorsed wife-beating and polygamy.




    Dr. Tareq Suwaidan (Kuwait)


    “Tareq Suwaidan, as a speaker at the 2003 RIS
    conference, where he told the crowd: “It [the West] will continue to grow
    until an outside force hits it and you will be surprised at how quickly it
    falls. . . . It is the duty of local Muslims to help cure America’s inner


    Imam Johari Abdul Malik (USA)


    “a Virginia imam, Johari Abdul Malik, who declared in
    November 2004 that “you will see Islam move from being the second largest
    religion in America — to being the first religion in America,” and who
    told Muslims in 2001 that they could “blow up bridges.”