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Quran burning protests turn violent in Afghanistan

One civilian reported dead, eight wounded in separate incidents at NATO bases


Numerous protests broke out in Afghanistan, two of which turned violent, in response to plans by Florida pastor Terry Jones plan to burn copies of the Quran, even though Jones announced he had suspended those plans. A hospital official in Western Afghanistan said one civilian was killed and three were wounded by gunshots at a protest outside a NATO in Bala Buluk in Farah Province. In northern Afghanistan, officials said five Afghan protesters were wounded by gunshots, three of them critically, when hundreds of men tried to force their way onto a NATO reconstruction base in Faizabad. Four policemen were also wounded defending the NATO base from attack. Police said protesters attacked the Faizabad base, which is staffed by German soldiers, because they were angered by reports than German Chancellor Angel Merkel had attended an award ceremony in Berlin for the Danish cartoonist whose caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad angered Muslims worldwide. Merkel denounced the plans of the Florida pastor to desecrate the Quran at the same ceremony. Jones’ current intentions are unknown. Though he had canceled plans to stage the event on Saturday in commemoration of 9/11, subsequent comments made to the media made it unclear whether or not he will go ahead with his planned course of action.

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Quran burning protests turn violent in Afghanistan

  1. Don't they have problem much already?

  2. I say put a few ANA veterans on a plan and fly them to Terry Jones house, at public expense.

  3. While we went into Afghanistan with all good intentions, it is becoming increasingly clear that they don't really want our help. 2011 can't come fast enough. Leave them to their Muslim-on-Muslim fratricide.

  4. Though I don't agree with the burning of the Koran, the Muslim World has not earned the right to tell the Western World what to do, when their own World is so full of intolerance and murders.

  5. Considering most in Afghanistan cannot read nor do have electricty I'm sure they're loving those protests under the sways of propaganda

  6. Ahmadinejad: Qur'an-burning a "Zionist plot" that will bring about Israel's annihilation
    Of course! Why did it take him so long to realize that the Jews were behind it all? "Ahmadinejad: Koran burning will bring about Israel's annihilation," from Haaretz, September 10:

    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Friday condemned plans by a Florida pastor to burn copies of the Koran, saying that it was a Zionist plot that would bring about Israel's annihilation, Iran's Press TV reported.
    Speaking at a meeting between Iran's supreme religious leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and senior Iranian officials in Tehran, Ahmadinejad said that "the Zionists and their supporters are on the path to collapse and decline and such desperate actions will not save them, but will accelerate their fall and annihilation."

    The Iranian president added that burning the Koran would be a violation of the teachings of all religions

    What's sad is that there is support for president big fat liar in the NDP See for yourself

    • Ahmadinejad can shove it!

  7. Islam displays disregard for norms of western society and the sanctity of human life.

  8. That alone is a sign that the UN forces have done good work in fighting those scums and giving the taste of freedom and democracy back to these people. That they are able to stage a protest at all… hmmm what happens when the UN forces are gone from this miserable place, will they be cowed back to stay inside their houses, and be afraid of the Taliban's punishment, let alone protest something that has not happened yet? I wonder, how did the planned burning from a very obscure pastor with so little following, reached them so fast, yet democratic ideals and human rights seems not getting into them so far? There might be a lesson to learn from this. Why not give them something to shock their system everyday to teach them about human rights and freedom, who knows it might shake their noggins in place faster.

  9. Anyone who offends Muslims has blood on their hands, and you're comfortable with assigning the blame. This issue is becoming ever more repugnant in the West as leftists easily transform into Islamist's useful idiots. I'm glad I live in a country where offending the religious majority (Christians) does not end in bloodshed over a silly threat to burn a book. I am constantly amazed how people immediately accept the murderous actions of Muslims overseas as the norm, the racist attitude that forgives Muslims their bloodthirst as though they are not human enough to act better towards their fellow man. The issue is not the silly little pastor threatening to burn the Koran, it is the consequences Muslims enforce as a result. We should really be looking at the people whose reaction to being offended is to kill.

    • I cannot defend the murderers but I ask you to consider religious fundamentalism as a factor. Bush killed hundreds of thousands of innocents because he said God spoke to him. The late Jerry Falwell and other " Pastors" have publicly asked the government to carry out extra judicial executions of leaders they disliked. Reading about the Jones controversy I learned there was an armed Christain sect that offered and then withdrew armed protection of Jones proposed book burning. We have enough wing nuts on both sides of this issue and they are called fundamentalists. Cultural sensitivities are also ignored in your equation. Burning the Koran to the faithful is as repugnant as it gets. Like decapitating the Pope to Catholics. Jones knows this so his threats are basically to incite and increase the conflict and cause unecessary deaths.

      • What a way to stretch facts eh Gary? I did not like Bush nor his father's policies, but I have not heard him say God spoke to him to kill people, you should have informed us of this while he was still the President of UA, so people would have a good excuse to commit him in the loony bin before his term expired. "And pastors publicly ask him to kill leaders they disliked?" Are you sure your source of information is not a jihadist site?

        • Pat Robertson had said: “You know, I don't know about this doctrine of assassination, but if he thinks we're trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it. It's a whole lot cheaper than starting a war, and I don't think any oil shipments will stop.” . He was referring to Chavez and this was in the American press. Bush's inane comments re messages received from up above and prophecy are well documented. The Rev. Jerry Falwell and broadcaster Pat Robertson, commenting on the terrorist attacks, claimed the United States had insulted God and lost divine protection.
          God allowed "the enemies of America to give us probably what we deserve," Falwell noted.
          Fundamentalists of all stripes are the problem.

          • In the US, freedom of speech is enshrined in their constitution. No matter how obnoxious, offensive, and hateful the speech as long as they do not put them into action, then they are free to do so. Unlike in other countries where religion and politics are intertwined, in US, Churches have nothing to do with the running of the State. No matter what the thoughts are of Pastors or any other religious clerics, they don't necessarily translate to US policy. They could wish, lobby, and speculate all they like but their thoughts are not US policy. US is not Iran nor the Middle East where religious leaders have much say in the governing of their countries.

          • There is no doubt that the burning of books is an exercise of choice, and protected as free speech; a group of people exercise their right to burn the books that represent the culture or way of thinking of another group. In reality, however, this exercise of choice is also an act of repudiation of pluralism and tolerance.
            Local incidents of the burning of religious text that are usually framed as religious protest, are usually a precursor to ethnic cleansing. History is replete with numerous examples of these. The question that all right thinking persons in the US need to ask is this: what happens next after the burning of the Koran? Are all Muslims in the United States also to be targeted for ethnic cleansing?

          • If you are so concerned of intolerance, racism, and bigotry, address your concerns to the Middle East, South Asian countries, and some African nations. There is not a single year where “Death to America, Death to the West, Death to the Infidels, Kill, kill” has not being uttered. In those countries foreign embassies, Non Muslim churches, bibles, Buddha, even Non Muslim Minority groups churches, and people are not safe from burning, destruction and death, yet no punishment has been dealt to the perpetrators. Here in the West, if intolerance (by deeds) happens, there are laws that will address those crimes, and you bet that authorities will do their best to catch the guilty and try them in the court of law

          • Correction: that should have been; even minority Muslim churches and groups are not safe in those countries.

          • These are all people acting outside the clear peace teachings of Jesus. The catholic church's crusades, inquisitions and other things are also in this category. The early followers of Jesus firmly believed in the division between church and state: rome killed many. Constantine came and like Islam merged faith and state into one-also rationalizing violence. The difference is that in Islam violence is central to the honor identity while violence conflicts with the core of Christianity.

  10. Islam is a fragile and delicate set of ideas, bad ones mostly. But in any case, Muslims are keenly aware that there is little basis for their 'religion' and like a house of cards it could easily come apart, so they must cling to it like fanatics.

    • I believe Islam has to evolve before democratic ideals, human rights, and freedom can take root and flourish in many Muslim countries. The current problem the world is facing with Islamic extremism might be a blessing in disguise. I know it is terrible to say that, but with it we have seen how ugly Islamic fundamentalism is, and how many countries in the Middle East promoted hatred as public policy. Because of this, people, I am referring to Muslims and non Muslims alike are starting to question Islam and its delivery. Muslims are doing soul searching where to go from here and starting questioning the power of their Imams and the hierarchy of Islamic orthodoxy. Remembering my history lesson, Christianity did the same thing. In the past Christian's clerics were a law unto themselves. Their interpretations of the Bible was absolute, anyone who contradicted their way of thinking are either ex communicated or imprisoned. Not until the people have had too much of the Church's abuses and arrogance, did much of soul searching happened. For the religion of Islam, I believe their time for soul searching is happening now. It might be later than we like, but there are Muslims who are doing it now and that is what matters. Take a look at Muslim Canadian Congress; they are questioning those fundamentalists that hijacked their religion. They are questioning many of the Imams, other leaders of Islam's and their countries directives. This is a good start and very important step for Islam's evolution. This is probably one of the reasons why the Islamists are getting more violent, as many of the Imams, Ayatollahs, and religious leaders' positions and power are threatened by this evolution. These twisted religious leaders will spend much of their resources to slow and stop erosion of their powers and authority. It could get really ugly before we will see meaningful change, and before it gets better. If change has to come, solutions will be found with the Moderate Muslims. As they are insiders of Islam, criticisms are more acceptable and easier received by their co believers than when it comes from outsiders of the faith. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Muslim Canadian Congress, Tarek Fatah, and other moderate Muslims for their tireless work in condemning Islamic fundamentalism and for leading in the changing attitude of Muslims and non Muslims alike.

      • "…other moderate Muslims for their tireless work in condemning Islamic fundamentalism…"

        Basically doing nothing, therefore tireless. They require tangible efforts in stopping the fanatics. Intangible talk does nothing and means nothing. a bomb is tangible; ask those who suffer injuries from them. words hurt no one, except fanatics who then retaliate with violence that hurts more people. the innocent suffer. the muslim canadian congress talks and talks and talks. all they achieve is more time for the fanatics to build more anger and hatred towards the infidels who refuse to be good infidels and just die once and for all, and leave the world in peace that all muslims can finally enjoy. they want to be slaves to a cult of cruelty.
        You raise fine points for their consideration. believe me, if they had absolutely any interest in thinking in that direction, it would have happened without anyone sugesting it. ALL other religions find a common ground and a basis for peaceful interaction. islam is not one of that group. i hope one day some fanatic will read your post and say,"WOW! We should look into this new way of thinking!" and if he manages to keep his head on his shoulders after that thought, there may be a chance.

  11. Sure is a lot of people take offense when you attack their favorite myth.

  12. Splendid. We can now add "aborted book-burning death toll" to "cartoon death toll" as the 21st century's gift (!) to civilization.

    Sometimes it is hard to argue that the voluntary human extinction movement has it all wrong…

    • And, so close to the anniversary, I left out the very start of the 21st century: "Thousands killed by fifteen creeps with box-cutters."

  13. Islamists will hate western world no matter what we do, so burning quoran is pretty much meaningless here.
    UN (including USA) do not have guts to show ismamists "it's not your bnusiness what we do here".

    In past time when democracy got into trouble we just started a war and show to world who rulez (Korean war).
    Today we are apologetic, politicaly correct girls who hide under the bed when troubles come.

    Afghanistan war is not run to win, it has so many handcuffs that army can not use their full power.
    Why don't they apply strategy from Korean war? Just throw napalm on those apes so no islamic scum will even
    think on bombing any objects in western world.

    • That too, is extreme. In any war, nobody wins, everyone losses. You do not believe me, ask any Vietnamese (communist and non communist supporters), what they have gained after their so called "winning" the war? I bet you the answer would be; death of family members, relatives, and friends; destruction of most of their properties, severe economic difficulties, and mounting debts to pay off running the war. Unless you are manufacturing and selling weapons of death, you will not gain anything but heartaches. As for your contention that the militaries hands are tied, in a way you have a point there. Unless we have politicians who are not afraid of losing votes and their positions to do the right thing,those hands will always be tied.

      • "In any war, nobody wins, everyone losses."

        True for any regular war where everyone is hell bent on killing everyone else. This "war" is more-or-less one sided. We have rules to follow, they have none. We have ethics groups monitoring every word every bullet every action and condemning each and every one of them. They have an entire worldwide community supporting their every action, cheering every murder and preying for their "victory" over the infidels. In this war, if they win, we are totally, utterly, irrepairably LOST!! They will win.

    • You could not just bomb a country where foreign fundamentalist hide. The current governing body is duly elected by the people. There are moderate muslim women, men, and children who wish and long for freedom and democracy in that land. It is just unfortunate that Arabian, and Palestinian foreign Islam fundamentalists held their country hostage and use many of their people as expendable dummies. And the same fundamentalists look at the lives of these people cheaper than flies. Osama Bin Laden said that their advantage towards the West is, the West's love of life, while they the fundamentalists love death. Ironic, when they were about to face death, he and his company(who hate gay people) wore ladies Burqas to escape. He find out fast enough how much he loves life. Death? Only for the apes, the common masses of fools whom he can use cheaply to blow themselves up.

  14. OK, so all religions are the same right? Even though Christianity is routinely mocked and insulted in popular culture and nothing remotely like this ever happens? Now, all the wannabe sophisticates are gonna say that the problem is "religion" in general in order to seem cool and hide from the truth. I guess the atheistic paradises like North Korea are fairly peaceful most of the time, though, gotta admit that.

  15. It's not enough to just ridicule the Afghani's much as they deserve, its important that we stop all immigration to prevent the infiltration of their culture in Canada and draft emergency anti-spy legislation that will prevent all radial Muslims from using our courts and Human Rights Commissions to push their agenda on us. Any spy-instigator that sues for the right to wear a the Niqab in school, while voting, while working for the gov't, etc. should be arrested and deported along with their lawyers and supporters. The same goes for a man who wants multiple marriages recognized or anything of that nature.

  16. Just a note for Christians reading: It's important, though we might fear the violence shown by islam that we remember muslims in prayer and in love. The solution is not fear and anger..but a demonstration of Christ's love for them. This is the way we defeat the dark forces controlling such people. Remember too that not all muslims are so confident and defensive. Many feel ashamed, sad and empty and would love to know Jesus. Checkout morethandreams.org and pray to help build empathy for these people Jesus also loves and died for!

    • I believe Mohammad, the last prophet of Islam, had run out of time before his work was done. He had left so many questions unanswered, and so many messages lost in the translation (the more you talk…). Many of the problems facing their religion might probably be due also to those people who took over his authority after his death. At one time, I questioned Christianity's 10 commandments. If God had really shown up and spoken, why 10 only and why not more? Well knowing what I know now, he should have just kept mum.

    • " a demonstration of Christ's love for them. "

      I would agree if it was possible for them to understand the concept. Jesus said if someone slaps you on one cheek, turn the other cheek to him too. the muslims will gladly slap you to timbuktoo and laugh at you all the way. you can humbly give them the opportunity to wipe you out coz Jesus was all for it. They will happily wipe you all out coz islam requires it. i know i sound as extremist as them, maybe more. but the truth is the truth and no amount of diplomacy, political correctness and syntax manipulation is going to change them unless they choose to do so themselves. a leopard will change its spots first. [If you understand, things are as they are. If you don't understand, things are as they are. – zen proverb]

  17. John Lennon had it right ," Imagine" Take a moment and listen to it again .

    • If only the world can do away without religion, but the scary part is what will fill the vacuum?

      • am in for a sleepless night!!

  18. You know what? I believe if people campaign on outlawing religion, will we see all religions work in harmony, cooperation, and peace (toward each other but might be violent against the campaigners). Any one brave enough to sacrifice his/her life to see all religion working together?

  19. Hi Gary,
    John Lennon never had it right. "Imagine" is a nice tune but it's basically hippie BS that he likely laughed at privately. Oh well, at least he made a lot of money. Where are the atheistic paradises anyway? North Korea? Former Soviet Union? People's Republic of Mass Killing, aka "China"? Just name one.

    Hi Ariadne,
    How come it's "religion" that has to be banned and not you-know-which specific religion? Where are these peaceful atheistic societies?
    It's a good thing Christians were around to found societies like Canada, the U.S. and Britain where people rule and not despots who think they have a right to control people's thoughts and beliefs.