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R.A. Dickey signing has Jays fans primed for World Series

‘Looking forward to a new chapter,’ knuckleballer tells ball fans


Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey bound for Toronto

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Just when Toronto Blue Jays fans thought their offseason couldn’t get any better, last year’s Cy Young award winner with the New York Mets announced via Twitter that he was joining the Blue Jays.
Now that its official, I want to say that I don’t have the words to express how grateful I am to you for the steadfast support and…R.A. Dickey
Encouragement I received from all of you.Ive always felt that there was a connection beyond the uniform.Thank you for making me feel wantedR.A. Dickey
Looking forward to a new chapter with the Jays.R.A. Dickey
#ziowindrims request #dickey #AA #Blue jays http://pic.twitter.com/tDCUZcrbmark iamonaco
#BlueJays announce trade for R.A. Dickey, with extension worth $29m from 2013-15 with club option at $12m for ’16.Shi Davidi
Upon hearing the news, Dickey’s new Jays teammates expressed their enthusiasm for the upcoming season.
Welcome to the #Jays @RADickey43 This pumps me up!!! One goal in mind… Win!!! That’s all!!! #AllInRicky Romero
JP Arencibia on addition of R.A. Dickey: “He brings a Cy Young, which is pretty good if you like being the best pitcher in the league.”Shi Davidi
Explaining to Yogi what a knuckleball is.. #AllIn #LetsGetIt #CanWeStartSeasonNow http://pic.twitter.com/WPb6DpNBjp arencibia
Dickey’s 20-win season last year with a 2.73 ERA isn’t the only reason for Jays fans to get excited for the upcoming season. They will also get to see one of Major League Baseball’s rare knuckleball pitchers.
A very cool video of R.A. Dickey showing how he throws his knuckleball: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFVfsbSV4mwIan
Blue Jays’ new Opening Day starter? #dickey http://twitpic.com/bmk7kqDan Toman
This means that current Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia, who has never caught for a knuckleballer before, will have his work cut out for him. Luckily, for Arencibia and the rest of the team, they can learn a lot more about their new pitcher who is also a published author.
Dad gives me r.a. Dickey book and the day after he’s going to the jays. #loveit #inAAweTrust http://pic.twitter.com/Ot7KPfa3Matt Lyons
New Jay R A Dickey writes books and reads ’em too. And he has a wicked knuckleball. #MrPerfection!helenheller
With the offseason additions of Mark Buehrle and Josh Johnson to the starting rotation, as well as shortstop Jose Reyes and left fielder Melky Cabrera, the Blue Jays are now the betting favourite to win the World Series, according to Bodog online betting.
Accorinding to Bodog, the @BlueJays are THE favourite to win the World Series. Odds posted at 8-to-1. #SignOfTheApocalypseGurdeep Ahluwalia
This plus Mr. Dickey, should make for an exciting season #Jays http://pic.twitter.com/7xF4VTr8Eric Webb
The #Jays are now the odds on favourite to win the World Series. Is this seriously happening? What planet am I on?Bryan Hayes
The jays are now FAVOURITES to win the World Series? Everything goes retro apparently. #1993Stephen Burtch
The Jays are now 8 to 1 favourites to win the 2013 World Series. After reading his Grays Sports Almanac, Biff Tannen was even like "really?"Ian
Some aren’t ready to get too excited before the first pitch of the 2013 season…
Unfortunately, there’s no trophy for the on-paper World Series championship. :(Josh Gold-Smith
… but that won’t stop the excitement for Toronto baseball fans.
We’ll miss you @RADickey43 I can’t wait to get a dickey blue jays jersey http://pic.twitter.com/7mvOWZlxBrian Fritz
So, R.A. Dickey. Pretty cool.T.O. Stieb
What time is it? #Dickey Time! #Jays http://pic.twitter.com/Lxkq32l9Cory Wright

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R.A. Dickey signing has Jays fans primed for World Series

  1. There’s lots of reasons I like the Yankees. One major one is simple – with 30 teams in MLB, 29 will not win the World Series every year. For fans of all those 29 other teams, there must be reasons beyond winning it all for going to the stadium, home or away, over 162 games. For Yankee fans, they always have a roster with players worth watching. For Yankee haters, they always have a reason to go to their stadium and boo.

    This flurry of off-season action in Toronto has created a level of excitement not seen in…a very long time. This is a taste of what it’s like to be a Yankees fan, and if you ask any baseball fan in Toronto, they’ll tell you, it’s pretty cool.

    Win it all or come close, it’s clear that going to SkyDome (that’s what the people named it, that’s what it is) will be exciting, which is pretty much all we can ask for, since you can’t buy a World Series (if you could, well, then the Yankees would win every season, right?)

    It’s nice to see the organization make a real effort to build a winner, and we can clearly see it.


  2. WS maybe not but wild card for sure