Rabbi in Cologne under investigation for circumcision

Prosecutor will review the charges before deciding whether or not a case should be opened


Charges have been filed in the German city of Cologne against a Rabbi who is accused of circumcising infants, Reuters reports. In June, courts in Cologne banned the practice, angering local Jews and Muslims who say their lifestyle is being threatened.

The local chief public prosecutor, Gerhard Schmitt told Reuters that he will review the charges before he decides whether or not a case should be opened against the rabbi.

“Charges have been filed but no investigation is yet under way,” Mr. Schmitt said. “This is a very, very complex issue.”

Circumcision has been under debate in German for the last few months, and a parliamentary resolution was tabled to formally legalize religious circumcision in light of Cologne’s recent ban.

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Rabbi in Cologne under investigation for circumcision

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    10. Get knocked out by Mohammed Ali.
    9. Pull out your fingernails.
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    American men are such wimps to let their sons be subjected to this absurd surgery. If it were women tied down & cut, the Feminists would be howling all over the world. The male genitals are a cheap commodity. There is no argument too absurd for the circumcisers. They insult the appearance of the intact penis, claim that circumcision heals everything from body warts to HIV, and draw an illogical distinction between female & male genitals.

    • Um…’female genital mutilation’ is something people have campaigned against for years…..it is brutal and barbaric.

      Circumcision….a religious practice of Jews and Muslims is commanded in the Bible, and been around for centuries. It is only recently that people realized neither practice is necessary, healthy…..or sane,

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