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Race against time in the Gulf of Mexico

Oil spill five times bigger than initially reported


Time may be running out to contain a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which is more serious than was originally thought. After discovering a third leak in the oil rig that exploded last week off the Louisiana coast, officials reported that five times as much oil (some 5,000 barrels worth per day) than was initially estimated. As tension mount between the BP PLC, the rig operator and the U.S. Coast Guard, efforts are underway to contain the spill before it reaches the fragile coast line. Among other methods, officials have been experimenting with test burns, to convert the slick into a hardened ball of tar that can be more easily removed. More than 100 workers escaped the blast, but 11 are still missing.

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Race against time in the Gulf of Mexico

  1. BP opposed the Obama administration's attempts to change operating regulations for oil companies active in the Gulf of Mexico in 2009 stating that they felt that the existing regulations were sufficient.

    The Obama administration has also proposed lifting the moratorium on drilling off the Atlantic coast between Delaware and Florida – hopefully this incident will cause them to rethink their position and maintain the decades old ban on drilling.