Racy ads on Canada Post’s website cause a stir in the Commons

‘The Adult Boutique’ apparently slipped through the site’s filtering process


Canada Post is blushing over a racy advertisement that slipped through web censors and appeared on its site. The online advertisement, featuring lingerie, came to the attention of the federal government on Wednesday when Liberal MP Bonnie Crombie brought it up in the House of Commons. “There is erotic advertising on a government website,” Crombie said during Question Period, noting that the online store featured retailers selling “racy lingerie” and “erotic products.” Canada Post spokeswoman Anick Losier said an advertisement for an online merchant called The Adult Boutique, one of about 500 Canadian and American retailers featured on the Canada Post shopping service, had slipped through the filtering process. “We had a filtering process that obviously is not working properly,” said Losier. “We are definitely reviewing that and we are definitely apologizing for any offence that this may have caused anyone.”

Toronto Star

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Racy ads on Canada Post’s website cause a stir in the Commons

  1. To bad there wasn't a "filtering process" for politicians, lol!!!

  2. Uh.. has anybody actually claimed to be offended by it?

    • Hey, if they can have unreported complaints, so can we. :)

  3. This'll get people rushing to the Post Office.

  4. This comment was deleted.

    • Which ones? I got my parliamentary address list all primed and ready for a mass-email to them if you can get me names.

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