Radiation serious enough to kill

Nuclear plant chief weeps after making disclosure


Akio Korimi, the managing director of Tokyo Electric Power, the company behind the devastated nuclear reactor at Fukushima wept leaving a press conference at which he admitted the radiation spewing from overheated reactors and fuel rods was strong enough to kill citizens. At the same conference, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano also admitted officials should have admitted earlier how serious the radiation leaks are. Meanwhile, the deputy director general of the NISA, Hideohiko Nishiyama, also admitted that they do not know if the reactors are coming under control: “With the water-spraying operations, we are fighting a fire we cannot see. That fire is not spreading, but we cannot say yet that it is under control.”

Daily Mail

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Radiation serious enough to kill

  1. What dreadful Friday news….

    Thoughts and prayers to the Japanese and everyone in Japan.

  2. Not only Japan…..We need to pray for the world.

  3. Praying won't do the slightest bit of good.

    Chip in for food for the victims….that, at least, would be useful.

  4. The stupid praying lances, lol. Crying japaneses are phonies! Real japanese , if feel guilty, take pride on falling on a sharp sword!
    If all we have after 2000 years is still the stupid prayers, what difference does death make , considering progress , apparently has stopped!

  5. Note to Macleans: perhaps you should link to credible news sources. The Daily Mail does not appear to be one.

    The first clue came in the second paragraph where they state: "Japan's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency admitted that the disaster was a level 5, which is classified as a crisis causing 'several radiation deaths' by the UN International Atomic Energy."

    First of all, the scale classification comes from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), not "the UN International Atomic Energy". Secondly, level 5 means "Accident With Wider Consequences", NOT "crisis causing 'several radiation deaths'". As with Three Mile Island, a level 5 incident does not necessarily result in any fatalities.

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