Rahim Jaffer's business associate "will continue to be purposefully silent" - Macleans.ca

Rahim Jaffer’s business associate “will continue to be purposefully silent”

Nazim Gillani refers to “misleading and wrong allegations”


Nazim Gillani, the businessman who allegedly boasted to be a financier to the Hells Angels, is taking issue with the Toronto Star‘s report of his dealings with former MP Rahim Jaffer. In a statement today, Gillani urged the media to carefully examine reporter Kevin Donovan’s work instead of taking it at face value. On the advice of his legal counsel, Gillani will remain silent on the subject until an April 21 court hearing.

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Rahim Jaffer’s business associate “will continue to be purposefully silent”

  1. Aye,an omerta-like silence on the matter seems quite fitting.

  2. I'm going to speculate that given the material, the Star probably didn't just print Donovan's stories after flipping a coin or two.

  3. And in the void his silence creates, idle keyboards will fill in their own stories until more is revealed and every rock turned over.

  4. this guy Nazim is one of the worst criminals in the world of "finance". not only do i know him well, but i know dozens of people who have dealt with him. he is as bad as it gets and will probably go down in a ball of flames. i'm only surprised that he's only received one beating – i would think that there would have been more.

  5. Nazim Gillani's business dealings go back as far as 1999 when he was a pump and dump stock "promoter" in Vancouver. This guy is as shady as they come and I'm shocked that he has avoided jail, or worse for the last 11 years. He fled Vancouver after screwing all of his investors and leaving thousands of dollars of unpaid debts.

  6. Well – to the oppose some of the other comments on this site I also know Naz for quite some time and while he speaks highly of his deals and what they will make in the end – he does pay what he owes people…. Think about this…. if so called straight business men rip him off…… then in turn it looks like he ripps others off…… is it his fault.? There are many scenarios here……… big picture….. you can miss deadlines and miss projections but principle protection is key and Naz has always kept his word.

  7. Antonio – are you freaking kidding me???? There are hundreds of people in Vancouver who are owed money from this creep. Why do you think he got the snot beat out of him? You must be part of his "inner circle" at the moment. In time you will figure him out. It's only a matter of time until he winds up in jail.