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Ralph Klein to receive the Order of Canada


Former Alberta premier Ralph Klein has learned that he will receive the Order of Canada.

The Calgary Herald’s Don Braid learned the news from members of Klein’s family.

Reports Braid:

Klein’s friends were increasingly alarmed as he was passed over several times. The Order can’t be awarded posthumously, and he is very ill with with a severe form of frontal lobe dementia.

It would be most unusual for an ex-premier of Klein’s stature and long tenure to miss out on the Order of Canada.

Alberta Premier Alison Redford said she was excited by the news. “Ralph is an Alberta icon, and he very much deserves to be inducted into the Order of Canada.”

Klein was nominated by friends and colleagues as long ago as 2008.

Writes Braid: “It’s high time.”

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Ralph Klein to receive the Order of Canada

  1. Klein must have had frontal lobe dementia when he was Premier. He abused the homeless at a homeless shelter in Edmonton. I have no respect for the Order of Canada if this is the type of person they are going to induct. P.S. I am a member of the Alberta PC party.

    • He didn’t have frontal lobe dementia on the occasion he threw the money at the people in the homeless shelter and told them to get a job. Rather, he was intoxicated from drinking alcohol. Obviously you missed the tearful news conference the following day when Ralph apologized for his behavior.

      • So we should induct a stinking abusive drunk. Most drunks show their true colours when they are intoxicated. I was being facetious about the frontal lobe and I did see the butt covering the next day.

        • Don’t you know that alcoholism is a disease?

    • people make mistakes which I am sure you have made a few in your life time .. the people of Alberta forgave him as he made a public announcement of an apology. Sad to hear you are a member of a losing society for the PC’s have gone downhill since Ralph left.
      we are all entitled in an opinion..and you have yours..I am a family member of the Klein party

  2. Grow up>>>>>Hippie!!!

  3. Glad the hear this.

  4. The best person we have for this award is this self admitted drunk? Nice pick.

    • So every successful person in this and other countries have to be AA. Do you know the name Winston Churchill the guy who saved all our butts drank a quart a day?

  5. For what… getting drunk and hanging out with hells angels? The man is a disgrace

  6. Society has forgiven and rewarded worst people than Ralph Klien. Micheal Vick comes to mind. The fact that he was an alcoholic, a human and made mistakes should not make him completely disregarded for an award of service to the Alberta Province. He wasn’t perfect, but he worked hard for Alberta which is what should be rewarded.

  7. It is about time. The Order of Canada has been politically used since its inception. Every veteran in this country should have received a special type for serving his country.Klein was a damn good premier . It seems this order has been misused for years and has stuck very close to the entertainment and sports area. All Well paid and part of the Establishment. time for a Change , Maybe a successful Farmer would be a good choice.

  8. p”let the eastern bastards (Canadians) freeze in the dark”

    This person does not deserve anything from Canada

    • Come-on you can’t hold that against him. He was just doing his duty as the major of Calgary at that point. He also told all the “Eastern creeps and bums” to go home. It was just part of who Ralph Klein was. Every Friday he joined all the city workers at the pub for chicken, chips and beer. He was a journalist turned politician, an everyman and people loved him.

      • If people are going to hold these kinds of statements against Ralph, then Dany Williams has no shot at all of receiving the Order of Canada.

    • He said during the boom when some Easterners were coming to Calgary to apply for welfare. He simply called these jerks out

  9. He had a limo take him to a homeless shelter and he opened his wallet and threw money on the ground, screaming obscenities while he was drunk. A true low class person.

    • No, I don’t think the yelling involved a whole of obscenities. He did throw money at them and demand they get a job. The economy was booming and there were plenty of jobs to be had. Ralph’s driver should never have agreed to stop by the shelter given Ralph’s intoxicated state. I am not sure that the incident, which had Ralph tearfully admitting to having overimbibed and apologizing for behaving badly, didn’t actually boost his popularity. Like Ralph, alot of people do not understand the reasons behind certain parts of the population being out of work and homeless during a booming economy. All you have to do is look at the group opposing the Drop In Centre’s plan to convert an old hotel into long-term housing to realize this is true.

  10. Idiotic. The guy was a drunk who bashed the poor and the mentally ill, tore down needed hospitals and did nothing positive during his too long tenure.

  11. I think someone needs to have a conversation with his first wife before he gets the order. Yes, he was an everyman, but a lot of his characteristics were of a “lower” everyman. He was also responsible for fighting every damn step of the way when it came to Gays being treated equally and with dignity.

  12. About time. Well deserved it. He had his demons but God, he loved his province and his country, and did a great service.

  13. It just shows you that even a dumbass loudmouth drunk can receive the highest order that Canda can bestow on its citizens. Under his tutelage the Conservatives learned how to dip into the Alberta Heritage Fund. His economic policy was of the slash and burn variety in order to deal with the budgetary inbalances incurred from the Getty debacle. Anyone with a high school diploma could have done the same. I think that all Albertan’s breathed a deep sigh of relief when he was finally forced to retire by his own party.

  14. Was not perfect but did lots of positive things. On balance the award is well deserved