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Randy Quaid and wife fear “Hollywood star whackers”

Couple seeks refugee status after Vancouver arrest


Actor Randy Quaid and his wife feel their lives are in danger, and have told an immigration hearing in Vancouver that they need asylum in Canada. This followed the Thursday arrest of the couple in Vancouver’s Kerisdale neighbourhood, where the pair were brought in on outstanding warrants from the United States. Brian Tsuji, the Quaids’ lawyer, read a single-line statement to reporters after the hearing: “We are requesting asylum from Hollywood star whackers.” The pair, who were released after each paid $10,000 bail, say that eight of their friends—including Heath Ledger and David Carradine—have been killed in mysterious ways and they fear that they are next.

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Randy Quaid and wife fear “Hollywood star whackers”

  1. As an American, I say to Canada: You can keep them! Hopefully BC Medicare covers mental health treatment. They ought to rack up quite a tab at BC taxpayers wexpense.

  2. But what's the point in fleeing to Vancouver? The evil STAR WHACKERS can find you anywhere. Proof: David Carradine died in Thailand. The STAR WHACKERS aren't constrained by international borders. When it's your time, they will come for you, wherever you are hiding…

    • you watch too too much tv

      • They think they can escape their doom by fleeing the US? Foolish Quaids! They cannot hide from their fate in Vancouver. STAR WHACKERS cross borders at will!

  3. I hope Canadians will show compassion and save these two. Casting them as leads in a CBC drama should be good enough to hide them from any star whackers.

    • too true, thanks for the morning laugh

  4. Can the Quaids' story get any stranger? I think not, but only time will tell.

  5. I've always enjoyed Randy Quaid, but I was apparently under a widely held misapprehension–I had thought that he was acting. Man, little did we know, eh?

  6. Put him in the Senate–he'll never be heard from again. How can countries with as dumb an immigration policy as ours remain sovereign. Waste those taxpayers dollarssssss.

    • Totally agree!! Great post!

    • What does immigration have to do with this?

      • Well that is where their "application" will be "processed" (the immigrationan and refugee process is different but it's handled by the same bureaucrats). But Jeet, above, is not seeing the huge difference between saying you want into the country for a dumb reason, and actually being let into a country for that dumb reason.

  7. Could this be the makings of a book or movie deal ?? ….Stay tuned Folks…….

    • I know, it sounds like maybe he is trying to pull a Joaquin Phoenix kind of deal.

      • Maybe your right…crazy like fox .

        • He is making his character cousin Eddie look sane, I sure hope he gets help, he was a good actor, it is just weird!

          • Yes I agree, According to the Immigration people he could be in B.C. for possibly two years ? Lets hope that he will get his head together by then……

  8. Escort them to a U.S. bound flight immediately…they are just a couple of crooks.

    • A bus to Seattle would do, why waste money on a flight?

      • Just let them walk to the border, so they will think twice before coming back. In this situation, being green is the way to go.

  9. Yup a movie deal or perhaps a reality TV series. The Quaid couple will feal right at home in Vancouver as BC is sort of California lite and not bankrupt, yet.

    • Yes, Vancouver is awesome. And only 7 more months until we see the sun again. Woot!

      • It's a Known fact that Vancouverites can't Suntan between November and May…they ''Rust " ( don't blame me my ,grandaughter heard it at school.)

        • Nah! We just grow molds and fungi… on second thought that might make them safe from so called star whackers! Immigration officers should check the Quaid's medicine cache, and supplement them with anti psychotic meds.

          • If they get refugee status that will all be supplied , courtesy of us Taxpayers, again…..

          • They are not going to get it, but it will take a while for them to go back to the US, it will cost taxpayers a pretty penny.

          • Agree.. and if you wanted to get ''lost'' in B.C. they could be here for awhile too…….

          • I agree too, I wonder how long will it take for them to be deported though?

          • Average 10 years(considering appeal and re appeal). By then, the star whackers will probably get to them first.

          • What a joke! Even with the arrest warrant they have in the US?

          • B.C. t.v. News said they will be here for at least two years… minimum, so as Ariadne said 10 years…with appeals and such this could be drawn out for a very long time…..Don't you just love seeing our Tax Dollars at work..??

          • Oh, God, no kidding, I can't wait for the "Saturday Night Live" parody ; )

  10. Wouldn't they have to be 'stars' for those type of people to target them?

  11. It's that BC bud works every time

  12. I totally support Randy Quaid and his allegations. Haven't any of you people been paying attention? Haven't you noticed how Mel Gibson has been blackballed since making his comment about Zionists? It goes much, much deeper than stealing one actors property. What is sinister to me is how the people police themselves without even being asked. If someone says anything at all different, public consensus immediately labels the person crazy and delusional. How about hearing him out and doing a little research before passing judgement.

  13. People are so quick to judge people as "whacko's" without even researching or trying to see where they are comig from. People,have you NOT nopticed how disturbing the governments are acting? (ALL OVER THE WORLD!) Wde are sheeple to them and anytime someone speaks out they are branded as whacko's or worse! Geez people,THINK FOR YOURSELF,notg with the masses!(Yes,anytime the masses believe something one should believe the opposite!