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Randy Quaid and wife still in Vancouver jail

Couple remains in custody despite $10,000 bail


Actor Randy Quaid and his wife Evi are still in custody in Vancouver. They were cleared for release on $10,000 bail last Friday, but they have not been released; Canada Border Services Agency representatives refused to comment on why they continue to be detained. Quaid has been blackballed from acting in the U.S. ever since his union banned him for misconduct, and he and his wife recently fled the U.S. to escape charges for illegally living in a house they used to own; they were arrested in Vancouver due to the U.S. warrants that were issued for them. The Quaids are asking for refugee status, claiming that they face retaliation from the “Hollywood star-whackers” who killed Quaid’s ‘Brokeback Mountain’ co-star Heath Ledger.

Vancouver Sun

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Randy Quaid and wife still in Vancouver jail

  1. Probably for their own good, to protect them from monsters under their bed – The Star Whackers! On second thought, that's an impressive title for a new movie.

  2. Please Canada, keep them north of the border

    An American

    • Nah, we wouldn't want to offend your great country by keeping your citizens here, we are great neighbours after all. Why not have a friendly exchange instead, you keep Omar Khadr forever while we take the Quaids until the whackers get them.

  3. Randy, I have bad news – the STAR WHACKERS can find you in Canada, just like they can find you in the US. They just need to show their passports at the border. And they know exactly where you and Evi are right now, since instead of hiding quietly, you had to go and get arrested; now the whole world knows your location.

  4. I wonder if he is eating hamburger helper these days.

  5. Is "Hollywood Star-Whackers" another metaphor for excessive prescription drugs? As for seeking 'refuge', it just sounds like they're not taking accountability for their crimes.