Ratings for the Barack Obama reality show slumping

Press conference audience down 20 per cent from previous TV events


New Neilsen rating numbers reveal the audience for Barack Obama’s Tuesday-night press conference was almost 20 per cent smaller than that for two previous evening televised events. The news special, which bumped American Idol, drew 40.4 million viewers — down 23 per cent from his Feb. 24 address to Congress and down 18 per cent from his Feb. 9 press conference. (Obama’s  attempt to reassure the nation proved good news for CW’s Reaper, the only broadcast show to air against it: viewership climbed 11 per cent to hit a season high.) The President remains guest-star gold, however, driving up viewership of The Tonight Show and 60 Minutes on the nights he appeared.

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Ratings for the Barack Obama reality show slumping

  1. No doubt his numbers will continue to fall. As there’s no substance in much of what he says, he will quickly become a passing fad, and known as one of the worst Presidents of the United States of America.

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