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Raunchy video lands Navy captain in hot water

Commander of USS Enterprise will likely be fired, say officials


What would Jean-Luc Picard say? Capt. Owen Honors of the USS Enterprise, an aircraft carrier scheduled to depart for the Middle East this month, is expected to be relieved of duty today over a series of “raunchy videos” made public this past weekend, senior defense officials say. The videos depict Capt. Honors engaging in sexually suggestive behaviour and using gay slurs. Naval officials had knowledge of the videos when they were first broadcast in 2007 while Capt. Honors was executive officer of the carrier. Some naval personnel have defended Capt. Honors, saying his videos were merely gag reels meant to boost morale during some of the worst fighting in the Iraq War. Misty Davis, who served under Capt. Honors, described the videos as “no worse than anything you’d see on Saturday Night Live or the Family Guy.” Nevertheless, a U.S. Navy eager to distance itself from the 1991 Tailhook scandal and under pressure to integrate gay servicemen and women following the recent repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” may have deemed the videos as representative of an older, more testosterone-fuelled (and therefore unacceptable) naval culture.

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Raunchy video lands Navy captain in hot water

  1. Braindead…

  2. Oh pfbfbfbfbfbfffffft!

    The idiots at the Globe And Mail will sob and wail about raunchy vids and the tail hook scandal – and then defend the Tranna Gay Pride Parade where pervs wave rubber dildoes around and dress up in fetish gear.

    We get it. The liberal clotpoles at the Globe hate the military. Why don't they just say it and be honest about it?

    • I've watched the vids and they are mostly harmless fun. Perhaps the level of discipline on an aircraft carrier is a touch higher than a Pride Parade? I feel bad for Owen Honors, he doesn't deserve this– but you trying to make this the fault of liberals or "pervs in fetish gear" is a failed bait-and-switch. It's because of the small-c conservative nature of official military culture that he's being treated this way.

      • No, he is getting treated this way because there is a double standard set up by our idiot lefties. If he was gay, he would not be treated this way and you know it.

        The lefties took over the media, and now you can't trust what you read in a newspaper – much less a rag sheet like the Glob and Pail. They took over the schools and now kids that can't read get high school diplomas. Don't get me started on the self proclaimed 'intellectuals' coming out of the universities. They took over the courts and now you can kill a man and not spend a day in jail.

        Now the elderly hippies, the homosexuals and militant atheists are shoving the gay agenda up the military? And a commander that cost millions to train, responsible for billions in equipment – is being hung out to dry by idiots that think the sphincter is a sex organ. America is off its gourd.

        • In addition to his difficulties being the obvious work of homosexuals, I bet Jews, Muslims and blacks are also using their special rights to attack his rights!!!!!

        • My hunch is that he actually is gay, and that most of his coworkers know it and don't care, but that because of DADT they could never actually say it, and these videos are partly a big in-joke about how dumb a policy DADT is.

          And what's with this non-stop, always always-have-to-go-there fixation bigots have with butt sex? Why is that always the first thing that comes to mind for you?

  3. Maybe it's something like that fixation the lefty idiots have about people who oppose the gay agenda being closet homos themselves?

    • The lady doth protest too much, methinks :)

  4. I find it strange that the command have known about these videos for 3-4 years now, but have only recently thought they were against good naval discipline now.
    I would have thought that these would have been more offensive to those homosexuals serving under the lie inducing DADT where they were actually viewed as pariahs on an official basis. Now there is the opportunity to confront such events as they occur using normal channels as well as a heightened awareness that such behaviour might cause offence.

  5. I say leave the guy alone
    He did not do any thing bad like Russel in Ontario!