Baltimore Ravens win the Super Bowl


Ravens win the Super Bowl

Ravens, 34. 49ers, 31. You’re not really looking to us for sports news … but here’s how the victory looked to tweeps

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Amazing.Baltimore Ravens
Congrats Ravens http://pic.twitter.com/VjKjAtVgCreole Marmalade™
Congratulations Baltimore Ravens, Super Bowl XLVII CHAMPIONS!! – http://pic.twitter.com/2RczMVKmNFL on ESPN
Let the confetti and Gatorade fall! Ravens #superbowlchamps http://pic.twitter.com/BmJ8n3HEBen Sturner
John and Jim Harbaugh shake hands following older brother John’s 34-31 victory in Super Bowl XLVII http://pic.twitter.com/K1AySOYVBleacher Report
#SB47: Así festeja Joe Flacco el segundo título de Baltimore en la NFL http://pic.twitter.com/uPdlDNK8Televisa Deportes
And there you have it folks, Ravens win it! #confetti http://twitpic.com/c0rd1s http://twitpic.com/c0rd22Samantha Busch
Ray Lewis, 17 seasons, 12 Pro Bowls, 7-time All Pro, 2-time SUPER BOWL CHAMPION!! — Next stop – HALL OF FAME!! — http://pic.twitter.com/geVv1ss7NFL on ESPN
Confetti angels for the Ravens! http://pic.twitter.com/UIOsGDHOBleacher Report
RT @Z1043: Your @RAVENS are SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!!! STAND UP #RAVENSNATION http://pic.twitter.com/RnacwAhLBrittanee Black
Congratulations Ravens!!! http://yfrog.com/obfdykfjMartin O’Malley
#JoeFlacco #Ravens http://pic.twitter.com/fakIkVmxElisa
Baltimore is going wild with the Ravens victory. http://pic.twitter.com/N3DyxNlbDEREK VALCOURT

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Baltimore Ravens win the Super Bowl

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