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RCMP accused of spying on prison sex

Seven people, including four RCMP officers, allegedly watched video


In Kamloops, B.C., seven people, including four RCMP officers, allegedly watched two women having sex on closed circuit cameras and did not do anything to stop them. Guards have an obligation to stop sexual activity among detainees, said a Kamloops RCMP Staff Sergeant to the Toronto Star. An investigation is being conducted by the Kamloops RCMP and the RCMP headquarters in B.C. over the incident, which took place on August 18. However, critics note that after recent scandals the public is skeptical of the RCMP’s internal investigations.

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RCMP accused of spying on prison sex

  1. Even the consensual stuff? And about the use of "among" — does this include the palm twins?

    • Actually, this is a good question I think. Why exactly do "Guards have an obligation to stop sexual activity among detainees"? I'm sure there are good reasons beyond prudery, or at least I hope so. I can think of a few possibilities:
      1. It is suggested one of these inmates was charged with not informing a partner of her HIV+ status, perhaps there's a concern that this nondisclosure was repeated.
      2. It might annoy neighbouring inmates in other cells. Though surely then it should be ignored unless there are complaints.
      3. (Most likely I think) Inmates are presumed to be unable to give consent, due to their coercive environment. Certainly this is the argument against allowing them to be organ donors for instance, though this rule mainly refers to them being unable to consent in interactions with guards or authorities, not other inmates. Still, possible.
      4. Sex is generally disruptive, and causes additional friction and instability in the facility. (Not intended to be a joke about friction, nor about awkward positions).

      In any case, I would think what Dude refers to (palm twins) should certainly be permitted.

  2. Don't the prisoners know there's cameras watching them?
    Then they're putting on a show and should be the ones charged, they're breaking the rules.
    Although the staff and RCMP that watched and did nothing shoudl also be dealth with.
    They allowed the rules to be broken.
    Dumb and dumber at work here.

    • If you are having sex in a holding cell, rules probably do not govern your life.

      • Pretty much a given, but then their jailers became complicit in this criminal act as well.

    • It's not like they give you a magazine to read while you're in there. You have to occupy yourself somehow.

      • Oooh good defense! ADD or ADHD with impluse control disorder or such what psycho babble and their off fine by me; but I await the defense of the 4 police officers and 3 staff/guards for watching for an hour – that should be good.
        … if we ever hear it.

        • actually my fellow reader….it was only for 7 minutes and both parties were in the holding area for public intoxication! The two of theme should not have been in the same cell to begin with!

  3. Just another great example of why the RCMP should not be allowed to investigate themselves. Again the Tories have castrated the ability of anyone to fully investigate the RCMP. The people deserve better. If there's impropriety, a totally independent body should investigate- not even another police force. We are the employers- we need to be able to evaluate what we are getting for our money.

  4. The RCMP is Investigating some malfeasance.