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RCMP bust Canada’s biggest opium field in B.C.

Poppy plants were being grown to produce potent, addictive drug


Two men have been arrested after RCMP discovered a three-hectare opium poppy field in Chilliwack, B.C., the largest operation of its kind ever discovered in Canada. Police say there were more than 60,000 opium poppy plants were being grown to produce doda, an opium powder made by grinding the dried seed pod into a fine powder. The powder, normally consumed in tea, is a highly addictive and potent drug that produces a quick high followed by a sense of well-being. Codeine and morphine are also byproducts of opium poppy plants, which are used in pharmaceuticals and require a doctor’s prescription. The two men arrested could face charges of production of a controlled substance and possession for the purpose of trafficking, police said.


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RCMP bust Canada’s biggest opium field in B.C.

  1. How did they expect to hide a three hectare opium poppy field from police? And in a province where the police are continually looking because illegal crops are commonplace! Thank the Lord criminals are this dumb.

  2. Good work, RCMP. Poppies may only be produced by our allies in Afghanistan. Otherwise, we lose the war on terror.

  3. Its ironic that we are in Afghanistan on a mission to wipe out the drug lords and now the troops can come home and find the scourge here.

    Darn good thing they never trained bears to protect the site.
    Imagine a bunch of junkie bears protecting the dope.

  4. BC a place of great vistas and great highs!

  5. Poppies for opium is grown in Afghanistan where land values are low. If poppy cultivation has been transplanted to some parts of Canada, it means that land values have dropped to levels like that in Afghanistan, after taking currency exchange into consideration. Slave labor is often used in the drug trade, world wide. In this case the growers are slaves to opium.

    • BC, even with drop in housing sales, is still has the most expensive real estate in Canada. It just happen that there a lot of people living in this province who have less employable skills, who are gullible enough to accept this kind of job to afford supporting their family. For these people, conscience and abiding the law are not even factors in decision making, it is all about money.

  6. What does he mean *could* "face charges of production of a controlled substance and possession for the purpose of trafficking" ?

    • In BC, often times police precincts and the justice system is like a revolving door, criminals sniff in there, then walks out. If The RCMP thinks that the evidence is not enough to convict, knowing that the justice system (known to be very linient to druggies and the likes, probably due to sniffing the ever present second hand marijuana smoke drifting the atmosphere in BC) will just turf them out, then police don't waste time, effort, and money filing charges. People may think, "how about the three hectares of opium field, isn't that huge area of evidence?". Those people being caught will just pretend that they do not know what plant they are tending and what they are for, they're just paid to tend and that's all they did – just like that, they are off the hook and out the door. Welcome to beautiful BC!