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RCMP commissioner draws heat from top staff

William Elliott described as verbally abusive, closed-minded, arrogant


Over the past seven days, as many as 10 senior RCMP members have complained about their boss, Commissioner William Elliott, to some of the highest levels of federal government. Complainants have accused Elliott of being verbally abusive, closed-minded, arrogant and insulting, the CBC reports. The Prime Minister’s Office has not denied that complaints were made, but refused to comment Monday. The group of unhappy employees apparently includes some of the force’s top officers, deputy commissioners Tim Killam and Raf Souccar. The CBC’s Brian Stewart commented that Prime Minister Stephen Harper will
have to determine the validity of the protest and decide, “which force is going to have to go: either the commissioner or the group protesting against him.”


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RCMP commissioner draws heat from top staff

  1. RCMP officers never liked the idea of having a civilian in charge of the Force. That is the way they have found to get rid of him. Commissionner Elliot should stay.

  2. Don't know if the guy in charge is any good or not, probably not given the track record of virtually every level of government regarding political appointees. Nevertheless, Rocar is absolutely bang-on in that this closed group of police absolutely hate having a civilian know anything about them. For that reason he should stay or be replaced by another civilian properly vetted by the taxpayers.

  3. Irony of ironies? Bullying and workplace harassment in the RCMP? Seems when the shoe is on the other foot, it is not so comfortable. Problem is, rank and file (and those who have left service) never had anyone to turn to – guess it pays to be higher up in such a dysfunctional organization…

  4. What the heck, we might as well do away with the top brass in the millitary also, replace them with civillian staff too. Traditionally, the R.C.M.P. are trained to respect Rank, how on earth can a Officer have respect for the person in charge when they have never been in there shoes..The closest thing to law enforcement Mr. Elliott has seen is when he was with the Dept. of Northern Affairs. If you do not understand or have not experienced what your line staff go through on a daily basis.. how can you lead them? Let alone get respect from them…….

  5. I don't think this is about regular versus civilian members. When ten or more senior officers take such serious action it cannot be ignored.

  6. If Conservative appointees can't be verbally abusive, closed-minded, arrogant and insulting then how are they supposed to get anything (nothing) done?

  7. The RCMP have a large number of civilian members who are valued staff. Their last independent survey in the non-members and regular members noted something close to 92 % are highly satisfied with their work/career. I agree with Jack this is not about regular members vs civilian members.
    "It is what it is"
    If I was betting person I would guess Mr. Elliott likely doesn't have a great track record in leadership roles.
    Way to go the Harper gov't who appointed this person to clean up the RCMP and now he has made it worse.
    It would not surprise me if a number of high ranking RCMP( including Tim Killam & Raf Souccar) take retirement just to get away from Mr. Elliott. Now they have lost senior RCMP that would otherwise be mentoring the junior members.
    This is all very dissappointing to say the least.

  8. All my congrats to those Senior RCMP officers for coming forward, it takes a lot of courage. This abuse has probably started from the beginning, they just have had enough of it…This behavior did not start overnight-he has been there for apparently now three years. Without them Mr Elliott would have probably not lasted a second being the head of this organization, as he had probably only basic knowledge of law enforcement. A civilian member should have never been placed in that role in the first place. Only a regular police officer would earn some sort of respect within this organization due to his/her experience, and would get support required to be able to have the whole law enforcement community work together to better combat against crime.

    If nothing is done and the Government decides to close their eyes and ears, as they are doing with Statistics Canada, several qualified RCMP staff will retire or simply quit, and we may anticipate worst problems than seen now. It would not be surprising that several qualified Senior RCMP officers have already left or took early retirement because of his attitude. Unfortunately the Canadian Government may try to bury this story.

    • Senior members,and all other members of the force, officers included of course have the right to be heard. Let them as is the righ of every RCMP member file a greivance or harassement complaint, as the case may be. Let the system these senior membres represent and so viciously protect, give them a timely and just decision. Unfortunetly for them, as the Dunbury and Brown reports have shown, the system may be a bit biased since the ultimate decision is with the commissior. This usualy works fine, with senior management since the commissioner is expected, as are all commissioned ranks to support each other. It is quite the club. RCMP members need independent review and representation of greivances and complaints. Abuse such as is attributed to commissioner Elliot, is rampant amongst managers and they still count ont the officers club for support. Change them all.

  9. commissioner ellioit should stay because they have not had enough time happen for the reasons he was hired or appointed by the pm in the first place..these new ideas take time and there are supposed frailties and discrepancies that could and are happening..that is human nature now get on with policing and stop blaming someone…the rcmp can do better and they will if the political will from the citizens is behind them and now they need some morale building incidents to start fresh but policing will never be the way they were 30 or 40 years ago…these are different people today and we need a good police force…so bite the bullet rcmp and try again>>> i think you will understand the majority are behind you but things have to be tidies up a bit…you still are a good force …but might want to consider changing the name away from any reference to the worn out monarchy effect!…