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RCMP finds fake marriage scam

Police allege fake marriages for money allowed North African men to stay in Canada


The RCMP laid charges against dozens of people for their parts in an alleged immigration scam, the Calgary Herald reports. In total, 630 people are to be charged in ‘Operation Conjugal’.

The alleged scam involved women, many of them of Haitian origin, marrying North African men for money, so that that their ‘husbands’ could stay in Canada.

The man police allege is behind the operation is Amadou Niang, a Canadian citizen. He appeared briefly in court on Tuesday. Niang was charged in March with multiple related offences. His lawyers say he may take a plea bargain.

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RCMP finds fake marriage scam

  1. gee… we’re surprised?

  2. If you are not a naturalized Canadian, and get charged with something in Canada, then your citizenship should be revoked and deported back to your country of origin.

    • If you are not a naturalized Canadian…you wouldn’t have citizenship to begin with.

  3. Well done RCMP. Now if the bone heads in Immigration would do their job and our Gov’t would stiffen citizenship this country would no longer become a safe haven for the criminal element of other countries.

    • THAT is lame because you and your father are immigrants like all of our parents were but sometimes we forget we are 100 years nation . It is only a matter of time until those immigrants kids come back and write comments like yours forgetting their parents had to suffer to get here. shame

      • The only difference is when our grandparents and there parents came over they did so to make a better life for themselves. not start gangs and live off our free health care and welfare like half of the immigrants today

        • Source please.

        • Most still do. Some are bad apples, and those have always existed as well.

        • “like half of the immigrants today” – what a horrible, discriminatory attitude. I agree with EmilyOne – I want a source and not your prejudiced opinion.