RCMP hunting for Liberal Party fraudster

Former Grit candidate Emmanuel Feuerwerker bilked feds for more than $600,000


A former federal Liberal candidate convicted of defrauding the government remains on the lam after ducking a sentencing hearing in July. Emmanuel Feuerwerker served as a House of Commons clerk in the 1980s and later ran for the Liberals in Etobicoke. Feuerwerker and his wife were convicted of fraud over $5,000 after they billed the government for more than $600,000 for 102 phantom physiotherapy appointments between 2002 and 2005. Feuerwerker is now listed as wanted on the RCMP’s website.


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RCMP hunting for Liberal Party fraudster

  1. Don’t convicted fraudsters with security clearance end up working at the PMO?

    Too soon?

    • yeah, there has never been a liberal who has broken the law. It is purely a conservative issue. (thick sarcasm)

      • Good to see your “humour-proof” armour is holding up. Sheesh.

  2. Was that the same massage layton was getting?

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