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RCMP in Nova Scotia accused of having drug-fueled sex parties

Multiple allegations surface at a hearing of ex-police chief


Several Nova Scotia RCMP officers engaged in sex parties, used drugs, and misused their weapons, according to an anonymous letter that surfaced at a Nova Scotia Police Review Board hearing yesterday. Ambrose Heighton, the former police chief of the Town of Stellarton, was fired two years ago and is appealing his dismissal, which he says was due to his complaints about the RCMP of Pictou County. The letter in question was submitted as evidence, and it lists the graphic details of a party, which included several RCMP officers using cocaine and receiving oral sex from one of the officers’ wives. The letter also alleges that an RCMP officer carried and dropped his pistol while jogging off-duty. The unproven allegations also state that the RCMP district commander staff sergeant at the time, Ross Landry, knew of these claims and did not respond to them. Landry, now Nova Scotia’s provincial justice minister, may testify Tuesday.

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RCMP in Nova Scotia accused of having drug-fueled sex parties

  1. Was the officer whose wife was the life of the party actually at the party?

  2. Perhaps the RCMP should talk to these guys about updating their recruiting ads.

    • "There's no life like it" has already been taken.

      • "Party like it's 1999"?

  3. I always wonder what happen to those drugs they confiscated?

  4. Whatever happened to responsible, accurate reporting? I can understand the Cronicle Herald (The local Rag) running with this story, but MacLeans??? We have here an unsigned document which no one will admit to writing. It contains serious accusations and the Chronicle Herald and now MacLeans have seen fit to publish it. I suggest to both of these, the C.H. and MacLeans to seek qualified, ethical editors who in turn would kick the arm chair writers out of the office and hire investigative reporters who would hit the road and get to the bottom of these allegations. Honesty and accuracy has been discarded in place of "smut" , and I guess this is what sells papers and mags.

    • When dealing with an unethical police force, anonymity is the only course of action. I wouldn't want to sign my name to accusations against the RCMP. I used to think they were above reproach when I was in high school, but those days are long gone — and, no, I've never been arrested.

  5. Promotions, raises and beefed up pensions for one and all.

  6. mjm: what would you have the herald and maclean's do? Ignore the fact that there is an inquiry going on about this? Pretend this letter doesn't exist? Pretend a police chief's claim that he was fired from his job for trying to get the RCMP or the justice department to investigate these claims? Or that the RCMP Staff Sgt. in charge of this area did nothing and now this person is our minister of justice? I wonder is it lost on you that he said he "thought" higher ups were "looking into it? Did you notice not once did he refute the allegations? I guess when you willfully put your head in the sand it's hard to refute anything. He is however claiming the fired police chief wrote the letter. He offers no way of knowing this, other than clairvoyance.

  7. This "letter" just scratchs the surface of what was acutally happening here in Pictou county.
    Us locals here Know the familes involed and what was happening "on duty"