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RCMP is racist, officers say

Back from Afghanistan, two men will sue the force for discrimination


Two members of the RCMP are suing the force for racism. Cpl. Greg Blain and Sgt. Derrick Ross, both of First Nations heritage, say they were discriminated against and harassed while part of a 2007 mission to Afghanistan – and harassed again when they returned to Canada and filed complains. The two men allege that, while training local recruits in Afghanistan, they became targets for “ill-treatment” by white officers. They say they were treated as “inferior” and criticized for “not being military enough.” One suggests that he was denied a leadership opportunity because of his race. The lawsuit claims that, since returning home, the men have developed stress-related medical conditions and lost deserved promotions.

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RCMP is racist, officers say

  1. Having lived near a Native Reserve and hearing the anti-Native racist rhetoric spewing out of both anglophone and francophone mouths, this story doesn't surprise me one bit.

  2. one questions why reservations exist to this day, who created them, and why are the people being held political prisoners after over 100 years and are continually the brunt of xenophobic and hate commentary…it seems truth bears to be said…the government initiated the idea of reservations and now people complain incessantly of oh my tax money this and oh my tax money that…reason says you should be quite happy you are siting high and mighty and the freedoms to say what you want meanwhile on every reserve there is starvation and sickness and troops go to war in afghanistan for what? should the real descendants of the original people rise and be free would you be happy? or be jealous like a spoiled snotty nosed child! dribbling ungrateful sperms!

  3. racism goes both ways trust me,i know many natives who are equally as racist as any klan member,reserves are full of them.When are we all going to be canadians? enough of catering to minorities,quebec,women,etc lets all be equal,anyone who does not want to be canadian can leave.

    • YOU are a clear example of the problem. YOU ARE racist and your remarks clearly discriminatory. YOU are exactly what’s wrong in this country.

  4. White RCMP constantly beat up and abuse the original peoples. My friend was jumped by at least four cops in a small town. He was a really good guy, and is gone now. Good and bad people everywhere, but the federal and provincial governments are extremely abusive to first nations. The last residential school just closed in the 1980's, which means we are still in the midst of the assimilation. Thats why our prisons are over flowing with native men. That's why many native youth have to search so hard for their identities, because "Canada", tried to take everything from them. If Harper and the government were actually sincere they would start handing back huge territories of land. Actions speak louder then words, and his "apology", is as empty as an abandoned Catholic school. Personally I think the original peoples languages, culture, art, and spirituality are the most interesting things about this country. Non natives are all visitors in someone else's land. We should remember that.