RCMP may face class action suit over harassment

Suit alleging harassment and bullying to be filed ‘any day’


Dozens of current and former female members of the RCMP are coming forward to file a class action lawsuit against the national police force, alleging harassment and bullying. A legal team of seven lawyers from B.C. and Ontario will file the suit in B.C. Supreme Court “any day,” said Alexander Zaitzeff, a Thunder Bay lawyer working on the case, speaking with The Globe and Mail. Zaitzeff added that he has been receiving a steady stream of calls and emails from members of the RCMP detailing harassment and bullying since Corporal Catherine Galliford came forward with allegations of long-term sexual harassment within the police force. “The stories are common in terms of harassment, bullying, and oftentimes, sexual issues,” he told The Globe and Mail. “The calls are sad, hugely sad.”

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RCMP may face class action suit over harassment

  1. This type of behavior is endemic in Canada’s workforce.  To wait for the tide to turn against the RCMP before bringing these allegations forward is simply opportunistic.   

  2. Does this mean that it is OK???????

  3. This sort of thing is common in the Policing world I worked for some 21 years in the Canadian Pacific Police Service and was along with many others supjected to dicipline action for anything and everything. That agency is a working Toxic enviroment. The RCMP is an agency that above the rack of “working Constable” is so out of touch with reality it is scary.

    The other agnecies such as the Former Port Canada Police or CN and CP Police are worse but in other ways as they are wilfully short on employment for women. Vancouver Transit will only hire from a select few of former Mounties or VPD it is an old boys network. They also harbor such feelings towards those they frown on.

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