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RCMP report: long-gun registry cost effective, efficient

Unreleased report has been in government’s hands since February


CBC News has learned that an RCMP report evaluating Canada’s long-gun registry has concluded the program is cost effective, efficient and an important tool for law enforcement. The findings of the report have been in the hands of the government since February, but have not yet been released. The report found that the Canadian Firearms Program is operating efficiently at a cost of $1.1 million to $3.6 million per year, and contains over 40 pages of analysis of the effectiveness of the firearms registry in both urban and rural areas. The Conservatives have denounced the long-gun registry, which was introduced by the Liberal government in 1995, and a private member’s bill being considered this fall would scrap it entirely. The RCMP has not given a firm date for the report’s release.

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RCMP report: long-gun registry cost effective, efficient

  1. The RCMP would never issue a report that would serve its own interests above the rights of its citizens, would it?

    I trust the RCMP only slightly more than the government, especially in light of the Robert Dziekanski, Ian Bush, Maher Arar and Air India affairs and the misuse by the RCMP brass of their own pension funds.


  2. I would love to read that report, to find out where they are getting the 4 million dollar figure, and to explain to me how it is either effective or efficient.

    • Tell your MP you want the report released to the public now.

  3. Not very surprising.
    I wish there was a way to force the government to release this. My Mp isn't part of the CPC so he can't do anything about it.

    That and I doubt this would have much effect on the opinion of people. Political leanings have become a matter of dogma, it isn't about values or simple faith anymore.

  4. Why do they tell us how many thousands of 'hits' the system has per day, instead of telling us how many crimes it has solved?

  5. Before I give you the answer to how many crimes have been solved, answer me this first…how many solved crimes would it take for you to back the LGR?

    Your next argument I suppose would be; People are still getting injured and killed with long guns therefore the long gun registry is ineffective.

    Tell me who ever said the LGR would eliminate all injuries and deaths from Long guns.

    If only law abiding people have firearm licence why have there been approx 11,000 firearms licence revoked since 2005?

    • because the firearm owners registry (Possession Only/Possession & Aquisition certification) provides a good picture of who is allowed to own firearms, and if they start "going south" it's a simple matter of revoking the certificate and confiscating any firearms on the persons premises. The long gun registry is so inaccurate as to be worthless given that many staple guns, nail guns, etc., have been registered as well as the number of times it's been hacked into. With organized crime now hiring specialists to hack into various computer systems it provides and very handy shopping list for the gang bangers.
      The registering of firearm owners is far more effective.
      If the money was put into more police at the street level, it would be far more effective than the reactionary warm and fuzzy false sense of security the gullible get from the long gun registry.

      • I can agree with some of what you say here (not all, and not the conclusion) but how do police know they've got all the firearms on the person's premises if they don't know how many he has or what they are?

  6. OMG this report is so Full of it. 1.1 to 3.6 million dollars to operate?

    There are 200 employees at the firearms center in Mirimachi, NB. Ar they getting Minimum wage?
    200 * $20,000 annual salary = 4 MILLION alone. Wages are probably closer to double or even triple that.
    Add in Overhead costs (land taxes, hydro, gas, maintenance)
    Let alone equipment, postage for the mailouts, etc…

    The total costs being under $4million are bunch of whitewash crap. Once again, people make it to be a CPC vs. Liberal event when it is the RCMP who are cooking the books to make this program look like it works and that the RCMP are effecive and efficient.

    • Since they do licencing as well as registration, perhaps the licencing is funded separately.

      • Or maybe it operates on a cost recovery (i.e. the money that people pay for licencing goes to fund the program)

      • Even with treating the licensing part of the regime as 'sunk costs,' the additional staff (which PSAC fears losing) and CGI's, Honeywell's IT support would be VASTLY HIGHER than this single-digit millions figure. The books have been cooked, folks.

    • tell me.. what evidence or facts do you have to actually back this statement????? It's surprising how many people that seem to ramble at the mouth that really haven't educated themselves on the program and how it works nor the true effectiveness????

    • Good to seethat someone has done the math. A fully burdened cost ts probably close to the 40 million others have stated. Also in the businessworld, even though a program is in place is no reason to provide further funding. Scrap the project and move on to other projects that provide a better return on investment

  7. i'm sure the RCMP are telling the hole truth ..Lets just ask .Robert Dziekanski and, Ian Bush. Well that just proves what a bunch of liars they are .Don't believe a thing they say on the long-gun registry… RCMP stands for liars and bully and murders….

    • Yes, let's just believe the conservative government instead. I'd rather believe this report that the government was so willing to suppress because it didn't support their end-game.

  8. This post is right on the damn mark. These are the facts here, not what the corrupt RCMP is dictating to us.

    • sounds more like an internal comminications brief from the CPC

      • And of course, we should ALL believe the CACP always has our best interests at heart.
        Oh sorry, except for 1980 When they told parliament: "The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police is of the firm opinion that a Canadian Charter of rights and freedoms enshrined in a constitution is neither necessary nor desirable"

        Ya that's right, they said that. Scary eh!

        Want more information on WHY we have a long gun registry?
        Read this link and educate yourself as to why the firearms act was changed in the first place, and it had nothing at all to do with Montreal or 14 women

      • Yes, where is Adam's citation? Where's the link? Who are you quoting, Adam?

        • "Who are you quoting, Adam?"

          Apparently, Wendy Cukier. She was recovering in the hospital bed next to mine, after her eyebag job, facelift and lipo, and was babbling incoherently from the anaesthetic; then, she started talking about Jian Ghomeshi and an enormous tub of Dream Whip…bleh. After taking an anti-emetic, I wrote it all down.

          Seriously, though, this information (including the Telecon Consulting bit) is available, if you look. The fact is that CERTAIN MEDIA OUTLETS won't touch the financial issues behind the Gun Registry due to the ownership of Bell-Globemedia by CGI.

  9. Goodday! fellow Canadians and LG owners
    – Are you not proud to be a Canadian these insightful days? Firstly the introduction of the LGR by the Liberal government in 1995 = fiasco and a obscene amount of wasted $$, not to mention the wasted valuable time of us all, including the government and our RCMP. You are both a disgrace in this mishandled matter.
    – Secondly, throw in our prized RCMP into the mix = fiasco. I would like to know who and how many police officers across this country in every province really supported the LGR Bill? because i know for fact that many have "NOT" and have also publically spoken out against its ineffectiveness, and useless purpose.
    – All things considered, looked at objectively, and reconsidered again, it was probably a make work program, for unqualified and ill-informed government staff to justify a job position and dis-honest paycheck, at the expense of us honest average Canadians. So thanks a lot to the Liberal and the likes of similar bureaucrats.
    – As stated in other comments! It would be interesting to see "NOW" what is stated in that RCMP report. or should we "No"t assume to much? and you know what the word "assume" can really mean.
    Sa La Vee.. / L.G.R.

  10. No matter the spin and other BS, good common sense will tell you that the registry, now that it's up and running, can only help police do their work. Duh! (a big duh)

  11. The Gun Registry serves no useful purpose if law enforcement officers are too stupid or too lazy to use it.

    In my own case going back a number of years I was awakened in my home in an upscale Winnipeg neighbourhood around 4:00 AM by six police officers who arrived in three police cars. They produced a search warrant alleging that I had two unregistered firearms. I produced the two fully registered target guns along with their registration certificates. The police officers went away in their three police cars, looking somewhat embarrassed for their unjustified intrusion on a law abiding citizen at that time of the morning. I am not as they say "known to police" and have never been arrested, charged, or convicted of committing a crime.

    I can only assume that officer Phillip Siatecki (I still have the search warrant with his name on it) who initiated the raid on my home was either too stupid or too lazy to check the Firearms Registry, so what good is the Registry?
    It says a lot for the average intelligence of Winnipeg Police officers, as Siatecki was later promoted to Sergeant.

  12. Yeah, the RCMP……….zero credibility. Ask the family of Robert Dziekański .

  13. Long Gun Registry, waste of time, resources and money.

  14. The Canadian Firearms Registry annual operating cost of the program is reported to be $44.6 million.
    The registry again became a political issue in the early 2000s when massive cost overruns were reported.
    At the time of the 2002 audit, the revised estimates from the Department of Justice were that the cost of the program would be more than $1 billion by 2004/05 and that the income from licence fees in the same period would be $140 million. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_Firearms_Re

  15. bottom line The Conservative Party says that the annual $25 million in maintenance costs of the gun registry could be used for something else not one billion as the cost that is posted by commentors. end of day it does not stop anyone from owning a gun that is a myth period so stop with the lies. now does it prevent crime ? now does it keep track of those who own guns sure, but if you are not selling the guns to criminals who cares. give it up . However the reality is it is more like 100 million a year to maintain so is is worlh the expense is the question. my only concern is can the government be trusted to keep their word and use the money for something that is useful to canada or is it apples and oranges would in the real world would the government waste the money on something else that does no good. clearly the government never thought of the concept of simply not spending tax money. that will never happen.