RCMP sex scandal hits senior officer

Deputy commissioner allegedly helped Mountie accused of sexual misconduct


A candidate for the job of commissioner of the RCMP has been accused of helping a Mountie facing an investigation for sexual misconduct, CBC News reports. According to a statement of claim, Deputy Commissioner Peter German reortedly allowed Sgt. Robert Blundell to review copies of an investigation into allegations that he had assaulted and and sexually harassed four female colleagues before he was interviewed by investigators. German denied he did anything improper, adding that he complied with RCMP policy in forwarding the information. German’s is the latest development in an ongoing sex scandal that’s turned the spotlight on the RCMP. It all started when Cpl. Catherine Galliford alleged systemic sexual harassment by male officers that left her suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder in a CBC interview on Monday.


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RCMP sex scandal hits senior officer

  1. My lord, the woman was their spokesperson on matters and affairs on RCMP handling of cases in BC -where, it might be added she did an excellent job of on television- and the RCMP further wishes to allow her to be side-swiped?  
       Well this had to come out sometime, because what good is a grand organization to serve the public, if, on one hand, it abuses the very people whom represent it and on the other hand, further allows itself to be distracted by other lecherous factions within its own ranks? 
    Sort makes the point of law and justice moot, doesn’t it?

  2. Sounds like disclosure to me. This is what happens in a court and it only seems fair that it would apply to a conduct investigation.

    • It’s not disclosure – this occurred during the investigation, not prior to litigation.  It’s akin to giving all of your evidence to a suspected murderer prior to questioning, thus allowing him the opportunity to prepare to evade the allegations.

  3. Hmm. I find it very interesting that the CBC, which normally allows comments to their articles and stories on their website has chosen not to allow comments on this one. Furthermore, they write an addendum after the RCMP complained about the story (caving in to the pressue) and proceeded to write a clarification that GERMAN says he did not provide documents to BLUNDELL. Why would the CBC do that since they already wrote that GERMAN “alleged” provided the documents? And fwiw, GERMAN may indeed be telling the truth because he could’ve told someone else to provide the documents to BLUNDELL which is technically the truth #just sayin

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